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You know when there's several things you'd quite like to be doing and you have the time to do them, but can't quite summon up the energy or the inclination?

My box of cards is almost empty. If I need to send any birthday cards in a hurry I'm stuck. Ditto the notelet cards I like to put in with any books I post out for bookrings etc. for BookCrossing. I'm all out of those too. I've got plenty of Thank you cards and several Get well soon cards, but no friends that currently need thanking and happily no-one currently in need of a get well message. So, I'd quite like to have a mammoth card-making session. Some of the necessary bits are still on the desk from Sunday from when I wanted to make a family birthday card, so it wouldn't take much but I just can't seem to get moving in that direction.

So, maybe I could finish that last bit of tweaking on my '1001 books you must read before you die' spreadsheet. I only have about 900 entries in one column to do and then it's all ready for the next edition of the book to come out next month. I can't wait to get my hands on that so I can add in all the new books. I love fiddling about in Excel. Usually I do anyway. Can't seem to fancy that at the moment either.

I have about a gazillion photos printed off that need scrapping and I'm really getting back into that now. Last week I sorted out some layout ideas that I'd put on one side and I'm keen to start using them. I just need to pick which photos to use with which ideas then pick paper etc to go with them. Problem is there are sooo many photos I just can't bring myself to start choosing. Maybe at the weekend…

Nah, I think I'll just go back to my book. That Scarlett O'Hara is up to mischief in Atlanta and the thing I'd most like to do this evening is to see what on earth she's going to do next. It's been years and years since I read a good bodice-ripper. I'd forgotten just how marvellous they are.


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