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I won’t be buying any books at Tescos now


I shall be very good indeed tomorrow when we go to do the grocery shopping. I know I said yesterday that there was that huge list of books that I really, really had to have but I feel now that I can safely say, hand on heart, that I'll be able to walk out of Tesco with not a single book in my trolley. Or indeed in my bag, or my hand either.

You see, I just popped onto Tesco.com/books. I was so worried that the new Lee Child might not be in the 2 for £7 that I had to check. You wouldn't want me fretting over it all night now, would you? No, of course you wouldn't. So, I went and looked and good old Tesco hadn't let me down. There it was in the offer. And, the thing is, they'd got four of the other books on yesterday's list in the offer too. All available for next day dispatch. Chance are the store would be out of stock of half of them as I've been trying to get that Karen Rose all month.

Add to that the free delivery if you spend over £15 and the 200 points voucher for a spend on books that's been sitting on my desk, and my willpower was wavering. The only thing holding me back was the odd number of books. You just can't buy five books when they're 2 for £7.

Then, oh dear. Then I spotted that Val McDermid's Fever of the bone was out. She is one of my favourite thriller writers, up there with Lee Child, and at that point I cracked.

The reason I won't be buying any books in the grocery store tomorrow is that there are six on their way to me from the online book store.

I am so bad…


Author: Carole

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4 thoughts on “I won’t be buying any books at Tescos now

  1. Oh dear Carole, what are you like? There is no hope for you…. LOL


  2. Wow Ang. Your logic is even better than mine.
    I am in awe 😀


  3. You do make me giggle.


  4. You might be ‘bad’ chuck but oooooooh how lovely that all those delicious books are winging their way to you. Yum.
    Also……given that you’re ‘using up’ vouchers then surely you haven’t technically ‘bought’ the books?? Simples!


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