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A bear of very little brain


Now that, of course, would be Winnie the Pooh, and normally the reason for calling him that is because that’s what A. A. Milne referred to him as. In this case, however, it’s because I’ve been stitching him in cross stitch – yes, that was not a bluff, I really have been doing some – and so far I’ve only done his legs and his little red jumper. No head, and therefore no brain. I have high hopes of giving him a head, or part of a head some time this afternoon. I seem to be getting the bug again. Here’s the progress so far.

Yes, I know it looks like a gold and red shapeless blob, but once the backstitch is done it will look more Pooh-like. The head will help a lot too, I’m sure.

This kit is so much easier than that hedgehog. There are only four colours for starters and two are only token colours really. It’s pretty much solid blocks as you can see, and it’s very small. I’m getting twitchy fingers though and thinking longingly of a particular kit that I have stashed away. Ok, it was stashed away, it’s currently sitting on my desk as I’ve just taken this photo of it.

Isn’t it lovely? The completed piece is 38cm x 28cm so each square is about 9x9cm. I’m thinking I could probably do one square each month, so do March’s square in March and so on. Wouldn’t that be fun? Obviously it would have been better started in January, but that can’t be helped now. Too ambitious? It is a very simple pattern, barely more complex than the one I’m currently doing. And broken down into squares like that, the size isn’t intimidating. What d’you think? Shall I go for it?

And taking Tree’s advice, I ordered up the first Stephanie Plum book from the local library. Ah, gone are the days when I had to go rooting through their shelves to find a book. Now I just pop online, do a search for the book I want and tell them which library I’d like to collect it from. Then I just wait for the email to tell me it’s ready for me to go and pick it up. (now if I could just persuade them to deliver…) Anyway, the email arrived yesterday so I popped to the library on the way home from work this morning to pick it up. I’d love to tell you that I have the book here ready to start as soon as I’ve finished Winnie the Pooh but unfortunately I neglected to check the library opening hours. It seems they have the cheek to close on Wednesdays so I’ll need to pop back tomorrow. Ah well. Maybe I’ll read something else in the meantime.


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2 thoughts on “A bear of very little brain

  1. The Plum books are wonderful and hilarious! Some people find book one a bit hard to get into but the series as a whole is just great!
    Those little squares look perfect sized for a regular project.


  2. oh how rude to be closed on Wednesdays 😮 Pooh looks perfect for square a month and not too ambitious at all, looking forward to seeing the rest of his cuddly little self 😀
    I am Plum deprived…I’ve read all of the ones currently in print now…Ms. Evanovich needs to get writing, and fast!


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