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No! I’m stepping away from the charts.


Here we go again. I’ve done half a small cross stitch kit, and prepped another one ready to start and already I’m off in internet land looking to see what other kits or charts I can buy. The shopping bug has obviously been lying dormant for the past ten years and a few stitches has brought it back to the surface and in full-on Gimme mode.

I made the mistake of following a link that Tree posted on Facebook, and from there I followed another link and another and eventually found myself looking at the most gorgeous cross stitch chart you’ve ever seen. I’m not going to actually buy it, you understand. I am just looking. Really. But, don’t you think it’d be nice to have a couple on the go? A Disney one in nice primary colours and this one, called The Library.

Isn’t that so me? Books! Oh yeah. And such lovely grungy colours. It’s 16″ x 8″ (40cm x 20cm) and worked on 32 count Linen (2 over 2). I haven’t worked on anything but Aida before so that’d be interesting to do. And it’s nicely broken down into blocks to make it manageable.And there’s also this one which would go very nicely next to it on the wall when it eventually got stitched.

Both are by a company called Little House Needleworks and they have rather a lot of delicious charts to pick from. Also they’re available to buy from my online store of choice here in the UK, Sew and sew, who will also pick all materials you need to complete the project. Now, isn’t that nice of them? Of course, it would cost in the region of £50 for the chart and all the bits which is somewhat of a deterrent so I am going to step away from the very delicious charts.

Maybe I’ll find them in a shop in Florida on our next hols. I might even have got the existing kit mountain down sufficiently by then. Hmm, there’s a thought.


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7 thoughts on “No! I’m stepping away from the charts.

  1. ooh how strange…little buttons popping up that I never knew existed until I saw yours and wanted my own, lol!


  2. Ta very much for that Tree.
    I’ve no idea how I got the follow button as I can’t see it on my own blog, but you’ve got one too. I clicked it 😀


  3. Isn’t that cool how it shows up on my dashboard when you’ve posted a reply 😀 How did you get that following button on your blog Carole? I’m hoping it’s not a widget ’cause I’m scared of those!
    Stitching on linen is absolutely fine…with a magnifier. Honestly, it’s easy peasy and you can get reasonable priced ones too that just clip on to the edge of a table…I’ve got one of those for when I go cropping (except I’m not cropping anymore, I stitching!)
    Pattern is yours once I’m done…it may be a while, I’ve got quite a few things on the go, lol! Website where I bought my bits from is http://needlecraft-corner.com/ – super, super helpful – lady’s name is Drema. You have to phone in CC details though, there’s no paypal or online paying thing – otherwise, I can’t fault them for price, service, speed and helpfulness. I think I saw that you’ve visited Sew and Sew somewhere…also excellent…order one day and it’s in your mitts the next 😀


  4. Stacey, I was kinda hoping that 32 count linen would be similar to work on as 16 count Aida as you go over two squares. Some research needed first methinks as my eyes aren’t getting any younger and I still haven’t found my reading glasses.


  5. Oh I like that chart. Love the colors. Pity my eyes are just not up to stitching on linen. Maybe if I got a magnifier?


  6. Ha! I might have known you’d have spotted that one. Yes please to both the chart and the link and ta very much.
    See that go whizzing past? That was my willpower running off in disgust…


  7. he he – I have The Library on the go you know, I’ll send you the chart when I’m done, I also have a very nice shoppy that I use in the States for x-stitch stuff…let me know if you need the link :chuckle:


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