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There’s just no hope


So far this year I’ve managed to read more books from the TBR pile than I’ve added to it. Just. It’s been a close call and I’m only just ahead. At least I was ahead until about an hour ago. We’ve just come back from Costco where I spotted this.

The complete and boxed, ten book set of The Princess diaries. And yes, it is sitting on my desk having come home with me. How on earth could I resist that? I’ve fancied reading them for ages, not to mention the fact that book one is in The Big Read so I did need to acquire it. What a bargain too, only £12.99!

But, that is ten books added to Mount TBR and it puts me woefully behind on my challenge to reduce it. On the bright side though, they are kid’s books so will read quite quickly. For those of you who might be thinking maybe I should have grown out of kid’s books by now. I liked reading them when I was a kid, and I see no reason to stop enjoying them now. Some of them are really rather good.

Oh, and I did restrain myself from purchasing the box of Malteasters. A large box of 32 Malteasters for under fifteen quid. All chocolatey and bunny-shaped. I was very tempted but let’s face it. I’d only have scoffed them all. Probably this weekend. They are rather more-ish.


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3 thoughts on “There’s just no hope

  1. I can never resist boxed sets of my favorite books, especially the books I loved as a kid.


  2. Yes, you definitely need a Malteaster or two. They are very delicious 😉


  3. oh they will look very fine on the shelf. Do I need to sample a Matleaster? is my life incomplete? hmmm, perhaps I need a trip down to Tesco soon, lol!


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