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That was very satisfying. I completed the last bit of that Winnie the Pooh cross stitch kit yesterday and I’ve just steamed it to get the creases out that were left by the ring.

Now granted it was very small, only 10x8cm but it felt so good to finally have a finished piece in front of me again. It was exactly what I needed to get me back into the rhythm of stitching again. Some of the backstitch is a bit wobbly where I was getting used to it again and there is a teeny error on the cross stitch on Pooh’s tummy but I don’t think you can see that. All in all I’m very pleased with him. He’s such a cute little chappie.

I’m raring to get cracking on that Winnie the Pooh calendar now. I’ve sorted all the threads and got the charts enlarged at Staples. I now have an A4 for each month which’ll be much more pleasant to work with. Easier to see and won’t flop all over the place like the two A3 charts provided.

Oh, and to celebrate finishing Pooh bear yesterday, I took Tree’s advice and started reading that Stephanie Plum book. I finished it this morning and thought it was very good indeed. A worthy reward for completing a project.


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2 thoughts on “Finished!

  1. oh he’s lovely 😀 so satisfying to have a finish. Keep on with the Plum books…the first one’s ok but they get progressively better and better. The ‘in between the numbers’ titles have a little other worldliness in them too 😀


  2. Very nice Pooh! I always have to get my charts enlarged as well. They just seem so tiny in their original form


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