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Scrapping, reading, stitching…


Ah, the joys of having a week off work and nothing much planned to do. Ang is down so we’ll be getting up to plenty of mischief but apart from that I intend to do very little other than relax.

So far I’ve produced a layout, or rather got round to finishing off and photographing one I started a few days ago. Now I’ve run out of the pretty shaped papers I’ve reverted back to my comfort zone – Basic Grey. Infuse this time. I have so much BG with pink in it that I deliberately wore as much pink as I possibly could on holiday that year in order to be able to use it. Unfortunately this layout hasn’t made much of a dent in it.

Apart from the usual Costco paper background, it’s all BG, and all Infuse apart from the Sweets chipboard.


I finally finished reading Vanity Fair yesterday morning. I think I started it about a year ago on e-book. The idea was to take it to work to read as it’s much more convenient, for a number of reasons, to take than a normal book. Then our breaks got cut drastically so there was barely time to eat, and definitely no time for reading and I didn’t like the digital format enough to read at home. I got fed up of seeing Vanity Fair in my current reading list though so made myself finish it. I liked the book well enough but I doubt I’ll be reading anything else on that format. I like proper books, with pages you can stick your nose in and sniff. I know, I’m a bit odd.

I’ve been stitching away at my Winnie the Pooh calendar. March is coming on nicely and I should have no problems doing one month each month, if you see what I mean. In fact, Tree has persuaded me that I really need to have a second project on the go so I’m about to start My little heart. It’s another one that starts in January but is quite simple so I think I can backtrack and catch up. I have the charts printed off and have ordered the fabric and floss from Sew and so and am hoping they arrive on Monday so I can make a start. This is the blog that’s doing the SAL.

So, there you are. Lots of reading, scrapping and sewing. Ang and I are going to terrorise Birmingham on Tuesday and plan to cause mayhem down at Paperarts on Wednesday so lots more fun to come. I do love having a week off work.


Author: Carole

The books I read, the things I make, the places I go.

4 thoughts on “Scrapping, reading, stitching…

  1. Postman’s just been and no Sew and so post.
    Just a tax reminder for my car…
    Not a fair exchange if you ask me.


  2. Eeek, cant wait to get up to mischief & mayhem……so looking forward to Tues, well & Weds, & Thurs etc etc….
    Love the LO, I do like your style chuck.


  3. Very pretty layout! I like reading on a Kindle but other e readers hurt my eyes


  4. Lovely layout, that paper is really pretty…I think I may have forgotten how to scrap :blush:
    You’re not weird at all – I don’t think I could read a book on a screen – I have to print out pdf instructions for things so I’d be hopeless with a book, lol!
    I hope the postman brings Sew and Sew post on Monday 😀


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