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Coffee and books but no marmite t-shirt


I have had terrific fun today, which is pretty much what you'd expect considering I've spent the best part of the day in the company of Ang. We do seem to have laughed an awful lot!

We started the day when I picked her up this morning so we could have a potter round Homebase to look at paint. Once the boring bit was out of the way we headed back towards mine with a we detour to Hobbycraft, the library and The Cotton Patch. Hobbycraft was so I could pick up a couple of those clip together frames as I needed some 6" ones for one of my cross stitch kits. The library was so I could return the Stephanie Plum book and collect a Charles Dickens. Not much difference there then. And The Cotton Patch was so Ang could have a nosey round. She was most restrained and came out with very little. It's not the friendliest of shops really.

They did have the magnifier/light that I'd ordered from Sew and So in stock though so I had a wee look at that. And when we got back to mine there was my order – one package of fabric and embroidery silks, ready for the My little heart project and another with my wee purple magnifier in. It looks a bit like an alien but it should make sewing an awful lot easier.


We left the car at the house and caught the bus into Birmingham. I prefer not to drive in since they moved all the roads. It was bad enough before but now I'd just get completely lost so I take advantage of our fine public transport system.

First port of call was this new coffee shop I'd heard about. Two reasons for going there. One was that I'd heard the coffee was excellent and that's a good enough reason all by itself, but the main reason is that it's a BookCrossing zone and I wanted to leave some books there.


I managed to find a book I wanted in the pile there, and Ang found three books that she fancied too so that was a successful visit. The coffee was very good indeed and the sandwiches were absolutely delicious. If anyone is in Birmingham, it's in Church Street, just off Colmore Row. Go there – it's well worth the visit.


The coffee was so good, we indulged in a second cup each and once we were both on a caffeine high we buzzed our way to the Bullring and found our way to a new shop which is showcasing items to do with Birmingham. I knew they had some stock from Bostin so hoped to be able to get a certain Brummie/Marmite t-shirt there but they only had men's sizes. Shocking! Still, the other reason for going, the BookCrossing box tucked under the table, was a sucess. I left a few books there and not only did Ang find a book she fancied in there, but I found the first Dresden files book. I've been wanting to start reading that series for ages so I had to take that one. And of course, the obligatory photo…


 We wandered in and out of a few bookstores, mostly to stroke the books as we did have a small stash from the BookCrossing zones but we did make a small purchase in The Works. Three for a fiver which we split. I got Middlesex which is on my wishlist plus an Erica James and Ang finally caved and bought one that I've been egging her on to buy.

Must slow down on the book buying for a while though. I might have accidentally bought four in Asda yesterday. Well they were quite cheap, and I couldn't decide which two out of the four to have so I just got all of them. Mmmm, books. Love 'em.


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3 thoughts on “Coffee and books but no marmite t-shirt

  1. Sounds like a great book day! I wish we had a Book Crossing zone around here. I think I may ask the coffee shop if they will do a box.


  2. Oh it was a really bostin day…ta ever so much chuck. The company was excellent, the coffee bostin & the books were divine…plus of course my ‘bargain’ in a certain fabric shop not a million miles from here. Roll on tomorrow eh? More titters & giggles!!!


  3. Mmm, a good book week and very tasty looking coffee. I’ll help you not buy anymore books…I have all of the Dresdens so you are welcome to borrow them all if you like no.1 jlmk 😀 They’re addictive…of course!
    Sounds like the perfect day to me…the only possible thing left out is chocolate really, lol!


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