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I should apologise to


Hamilton, Button and the other Formula One drivers. I'm afraid I couldn't give them my full attention today as I was busy stitching away at my January My Little Heart cross stitch. I did take my stand into the living room and was half watching the race and half stitching. Miraculously, I didn't make any errors in the pattern, but that's more to do with it being a very easy chart to do than because of any amazing powers of concentration that I have.

I'm really enjoying doing this one. The border is pretty and fun to do. January stitched up nicely and I love how it turned out. I must do some more to March's Winnie the Pooh calendar before starting February's My Little Heart though as there's rather more to do on the WTP one.

This is how they're both looking at the moment.

Winnie the Pooh calendar – These squares are about 9.5cm, and there's just over half of WTP left to do, plus his kite and various other bits. So, I do need to get cracking on it. This has lots of backstitch on it too.


My Little Heart – I've done the border round the corner and all of the January motif. There should be a french knot in the centre of the bow but I've decided to sew on a bead instead. As I might want to launder the piece when it's finished, I'll wait until that's done and then add any beads afterwards. That's the plan, anyway. The Jobelan is actually a nice ivory colour, it looks a bit grey on my screen. The border round the motif is a very dark brown, not black.

I had a couple more lovely days with Ang last week. We went down to PaperArts on Wednesday and spend ages chatting with Fiona and purchased some very nice Basic Grey straight out of the box. It was lovely to see Rachel and Sarah too.

Yesterday Ang came over to mine and we spent some time scrapping with our new purchases. I managed a whole layout using my new Basic Grey Kioshi. Ang reckons that justifies the whole purchase and who am I to argue? I also started another layout using some of the Basic Grey Origins that I bought so as that's nearing completion I guess that I can justify buying that too.

So, all in all I've had a lovely week off. Lots of time spent with friends. Lots of reading, scrapping and stitching. Outings with coffee and cake. Bostin!

Back to the grindstone tomorrow though. Bummer.


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3 thoughts on “I should apologise to

  1. Love the colours on your My Little Heart and Pooh is coming along splendidly, I’m trying to guess what he’s doing…holding a balloon perhaps?


  2. Very nice cross stitch! Glad you are having a good week off


  3. Oooh, the cross stitch is coming along beautifully innit? Brill idea about the bead instead of the french knot, that’ll look gorgeous wont it?
    Yep, great to spend time scrapping, chatting, cake, coffee & of course ooooodles of books.
    Glad you’ve had a good week off chuck.


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