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The Bermuda Rectangle


I have this clock. It's a large round wall clock, but I have it propped against the wall, on my desk, near the computer monitor. That way I can see it without moving my head. It's one of those radio controlled clocks so it keeps perfect time. I have a bit of a thing about clocks being exactly the right time. Stephen likes them all to be a bit fast so he won't be late, but none of them are fast by the same amount. It drives me nuts! So, I have one clock that in my craft room that he can't tamper with, and another radio controlled one upstairs that is my alarm clock.

My Craft room clock has given me no trouble at all since I've had it. I just have to give it a new AA battery now and then and it ticks away quite happily, correcting itself each spring and autumn. Until Sunday morning that is. I noticed yesterday that the time hadn't gone forward on it so I gave it a nudge by removing the battery and popping it back in. The hands started whizzing round immediately. Great, I thought. That worked. Until it whizzed straight past where it was supposed to have stopped and just kept whirring and whizzing and eventually stopped. Four hours later than it should have been. I hoped that when time caught up with the clock that it'd start again. It didn't.

So, today, I gave it a new battery. Good of me, eh? I'm generous like that. But, nothing happened. I poked and prodded it a bit. Then I gave it a bit of backchat, as you do. Still nothing. It went on insisting that it was 7.00 when it was only 3.00. It also insisted that time was standing still and I was fairly sure that it wasn't.

I was a bit hacked off at this stage. I'm fond of this clock, it being one of only two in the house that I can be sure is telling the correct time, so with clock in hand, I stormed into the other room to tell Stephen just how fed up I was.

The clock started working.

Well that took the wind out of my sails so I sheepishly went back into the craftroom, placed the clock back in its usual place, sat down and looked at my clock – which was no longer working. I carried it back into the living room – it started working. Back into the craftroom – it stopped. This carried on for a bit while I tried to come to terms with the fact that a battery operated clock would work in one room, but if I walked through a door and placed the clock a few feet further away – it stopped.


I've now narrowed it down to my computer desk. Anywhere on there and the clock refuses to work. One yard back from the desk, in my craft area and it's working fine. It's just received a signal and is whizzing round like a good 'un and will hopefully stop at around 15.45. Unfortunately, it's now behind me so I have to turn my head to see it.

Any theories on why, after three years, it should suddenly take a dislike to my computer desk, would be appreciated, 'cause I am completely baffled and bemused.

In fact, from now on my desk will be known as the Bermuda rectangle.


Author: Carole

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3 thoughts on “The Bermuda Rectangle

  1. That’s what I thought at first Bev, but it only sends a signal every few minutes and that wouldn’t stop the battery from making the hands go round. I think…
    It’s still working, on the other desk behind me, but it thinks it’s currently one o’clock. Sigh.
    Definitely ‘The Twilight zone’ Tree. And I so can’t type that without hearing it in Rod Serling’s voice…


  2. noo noo noo noo, noo noo noo noo – it’s the Twilight Zone, lol! Must be some magnetic weirdness going on 😮


  3. I’m guessing it can’t pick up the wireless signal that tells it what time it is, but if it’s always worked before then that’s a bit odd


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