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If a day off due to heavy snow fall is called a snow day, then I reckon a day off due to a cloud of volcanic ash must be called an ash day – therefore today I'm having an ash day. I'm rather enjoying it too. I feel very bad for the poor folks not having such a good day because of all the chaos caused obviously, but fingers crossed it all blows over soon. Pun intended.

So, what have I been doing with my bonus day off? I was wide awake at the usual ridiculous hour so grabbed a coffee and a book and went back to bed for a nice read. Halfway through my book I got peckish so ventured back downstairs for more coffee and a slice of toast. Then back to bed and finished the book.

I thought I may as well get up at that point and had a wee nose around the internet to see what was going on. I had a nice chat on the phone with Lisa who saw me posting on Facebook and rang me to say hi. That was very pleasant! Stephen came home then so I persuaded him to make me some lunch. Well, I'd had a very strenuous morning with all that reading and drinking of coffee, you know.

Then, I thought some exercise was in order so I ambled off to the library to pick up the second in the Stephanie Plum series which had finally arrived for me. I then took a bag full of parcels down to the post box. Bloomin' marvellous that was. I'd spent ages wrestling with my very slow internet and the redesigned post office website and finally got online postage printed for them all. This saves me from having to walk the extra ten minutes round to the post office as I can just pop them into the post box. Ha! One of them was too fat and no amount of shoving was going to get it into that slot. I was in grave danger of getting it stuck so in the end I had to toddle off round to the post office anyway. Ah well, I suppose I can't lounge about all day, can I?

Since then I've been messing about on the computer – doing 'stuff'. As you do. I might go and read another book in a bit. Or I might do some cross stitch. Oh the bliss of a free day. All my chores are up to date so I can do as I please.

Wonder if I'll get another ash day tomorrow…


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