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It feels like I've been working on April's segment of the Winnie the Pooh calendar for months, but it's really been only five or six weeks. So much for doing one segment per month though. I should be halfway through May by now but I'm not going to stress over it. It's supposed to be fun so if it takes me two years to do this project then tough. That's how long it takes.

I'm nearly finished April now. I've just got the dreaded backstitch to do and then gazillions of French knots. Gah! Luckily Ang is down next week so I'm going to cadge a lesson on how to do the flamin things so I can give eyes to Pooh bear and his little yellow friends in the current piece.

This is how it's looking before the backstitch goes on. The yellow lumps at the bottom are in fact ducks. I know, hard to tell at the moment but I'm hoping they'll look a lot more duck-like when I've done the backstitch. They were very fiddly to do as well. I thought they'd only take a few minutes, being so small but oh no. They took hours. There are more quarter and three-quarter stitches in those ducks than in the rest of the month's piece. And that just isn't easy to do in Aida. If only I'd known how much easier it was to work in linen before I started this project…



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4 thoughts on “Slow going

  1. Thanks Alison, and yes – it is only you who likes doing backstitching 😉


  2. It’s worth it though, Carole – it’s going to look fantastic when it’s finished. (Is it only me who likes doing backstitching?)


  3. Oooh rather you than me Carole, I get moments when I pick up this “lovely” christmas/winter kit I bought years ago (unlikely to ever finish at this pace), do a row or two of the green two-tone bit and lose interest rapidly again! We’ll not even discuss the 35 x 75 cm Vincent Van Gough Stary Night piece I have – 15 panels of pattern, only 2 completed… there are a lot of random stitches in that one!


  4. I hate the back stitch part. The project I am cross stitching now has all these fiddly leaves on a vine that have to be back stitched and then a bunch of fruit in a cornucopia. Not looking forward to it.


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