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And surprisingly


I did actually manage to produce two actual layouts at yesterday’s crop. Started and completed on the day. And one used some products bought on the day too. Wooooo.

Of course, I haven’t actually been as organised as to photograph them so I can share them yet. Oh no, that would be going to far. Instead I have one I prepared earlier. This uses stuff I bought when I went down to PaperArts with Ang last time. Isn’t that BG Origins doily gorgeous. And wasn’t I brave to actually use it?

So, yesterday’s crop. It was fab to see Chris, Jackie and Fiona again. Fiona had made Raspberry and chocolate cupcakes, which were delicious. (I had two). Lots of coffee was consumed, some shopping was done and we talked pretty much all day. Chris and Jackie did some gorgeous layouts. Much nicer than mine.

My first one took four and a half hours to do, btw. It might have got done a bit quicker but every time I stuck something down, I celebrated by eating a cake or doing some shopping. Yeah!

And, on my second layout, and please make sure you’re sitting down for this, I used a journalling pen and did actual handwriting. Yes, you read that correctly. I wrote on the layout with a pen. Not computer journalling. Hand journalling. And as we all know, I really, really hate my own handwriting.

I’m pretty sure Chris and Jackie have a bet on to see how long it takes me to stick a flower or something over it to hide it…


Author: Carole

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10 thoughts on “And surprisingly

  1. I know. Scary, isnt it.
    Your method sounds much more sensible.


  2. They were still bostin though Chris!
    And the journalling is still intact, and uncovered 🙂


  3. I can vouch for the handwriting but not sure if it’s still there now or if it’s been covered over with something 😆
    Oh and my layouts were classes by Rachel – not a single original idea from me.


  4. actual honest to god handwriting? My goodness.
    I had a font created of my handwriting so I never have to write anything again.


  5. Oddly enough Ang, he keeps mentioning scones…


  6. Mmm, I thought of you at the time. Gutted you couldn’t make it. Hope you’re feeling better now 🙂


  7. No way! And I missed it with a stupid sinus migraine!!!
    Arrrgggghhhhh. Years I spent trying to get you using your own handwriting… years… Looking forward to seeing the evidence.


  8. I cant wait to see it irl…….bet it’s gorgeous. In fact I cant wait to see you & catch up over mucho coffee & gossip & maybe annoy young Stephen (tell him if he behaves himself he might get scones!!!).


  9. I thought you’d like that 😀
    You can see it for yourself very soon too!
    (as long as I don’t stick a honking great flower on top of it before then…)


  10. **thud**
    Hang on a piggin minute while I pick myself up off the floor………did I read that correctly?? Yep, I’m sure I did! Writing, our Carole….on a layout, with pen…..ooh I’ve gone all over peculiar again. Must have a lie down, cup of coffee & a fairy cake to recover from such a shock. That’s fabby news chuck.


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