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A busy week

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I swear I seem to have been going non-stop this past week. Compared to a normal week I've had a whirlwind of social activity going on. Tuesday afternoon, Ang arrived in Solihull so I zoomed over as soon as she landed for a cuppa and had a couple of hours catching up and refining our plots and plans for the coming week. I got home just in time for my bedtime.

On Wednesday, as soon as I got in from work, I ran round the house like a loony getting ready to go back out and met Ang at her flat so we could go up Solihull to meet Chris for coffee. We ended up sitting in Costa for about three hours chatting. Bostin!

Thursday after work, I managed to get ahead with some housework as I knew I'd have no chance on Friday, as I had the dentist followed by a day of fun with Ang.

Friday is my day off so after an uneventful dentist's appointment I caught the bus up to Birmingham and met Ang by the Bull. She was late – and I have to say that as I spent most of the day ribbing her about it 😉

We headed for Urban Coffee – quite possibly the best coffee shop in Birmingham, or even the universe, and had Flat whites with our butties. Now Ang tends towards the traditional and goes for the BLTs but I do like their range of slightly different butties. Last time I had something with avocado in which was very nice but this time I was tempted by the Felafel with mint yoghurt. Delicious!

Then, as it was Cupcake Friday, we decided it would be extremely rude not to indulge.


That was the display after we'd attacked it. I had a pink one and Ang a brown one. To match our t-shirts for the photos, of course. *grin*
They were very, very nice. Lots of fluffy, light icing stuff but not sickly at all. Yum. Shame I have to work tomorrow as it's Muffin Monday apparently.

Oh, and we had our cupcakes with a second Flat white


We attempted to walk off our lunch by strolling round Brum in the lovely sunshine but we had eaten rather a lot. We went and said goodbye to Created in Birmingham as it closes this weekend, and spotted some rather gorgeous handmade jewellery in there. I resisted. I did think of a certain friend when I saw some earrings and a pendant in the shape of cherries though…

Yesterday, Ang came over in the late afternoon for a spot of scrapping and dinner. We both managed to produce a whole layout and Stephen produced a very fine chicken dinner with yorkshires and roasties. Yum.

Today I've just been recovering mostly. I finished off one book at 4.30am just after Stephen brought me a cuppa on his way out to work and then started another which I finished about 10am. I've done a bit of housework, watched Doctor Who and have started another layout. I might do some cross stitching in a bit. Or maybe I'll start another book. 

It's been a bostin week Ang, but I think you've worn me out 😉


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  1. And it isn’t finished yet, don’t forget we’re meeting again for coffee tomorrow!


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