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Three blind ducks


I've finally finished off April's section of the Winnie the Pooh calendar, with all the backstitch and French knots. I'm rather pleased with it too. Once I'd seen the French knots done it was easy enough to copy so thanks for that Ang. Pooh Bear's eyes look rather good, all even and round. The problem is that this particular section has ducks in it. The ducks need eyes and the eyes are done with French knots. As the ducks are rather smaller than Winnie the Pooh, and the eyes are the same size, they look just a tad out of proportion.

And so, I think they look as if they have dark sunglasses on. Other than that tiny detail though, and I should point out that the illustration of the calendar is exactly the same, I'm happy with it.

I've just spent the afternoon cheering on Hamilton and Button who were at the Turkish Grand Prix. As they came in first and second I'm now rather happy. I was stitching away at April's My Little Heart while I was cheering. I didn't get much done as it was a rather good race, but April's is almost finished and I should get onto May's very soon. Just as well really, as we'll be getting June's chart in a day or so…


Author: Carole

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3 thoughts on “Three blind ducks

  1. Thank you both 🙂


  2. Don’t know how I missed this before, it’s just gorgeous – absolutely topping French knot action on the duckies 😀


  3. Good job on all the backstitching!


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