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Ah, my favourite occupation. It doesn't matter what hobby I take up, there's nothing I like better than organising it. Books on bookshelves – in alphabetical order, of course. Bookrings and challenges organised neatly in beautifully formatted Excel spreadsheets. I could tinker in Excel for hours, and frequently do.

Scrapbooking? The potential for organising there is endless. The quest for that perfect storage is ongoing. Just when you think your cardstock is 'just so', someone comes up with a better way of filing it and so you just have to try that instead. Not to mention the paper, ribbon, and all the other bits and bobs. I could spend a lifetime trying to get my stash into the perfect arrangement.

And now we have Cross stich. I'm still dithering over the best way to store a rather large and bargainous purchase of DMC from Ebay, but I have had some organisational success with how I actually work. It's this large Winnie the Pooh calendar that's been foxing me. I've been using a hoop and moving it around but I'm not keen on doing that as I don't like putting the hoop over areas I've worked. I didn't want to use a frame that'd take the whole piece as it's huge and I'd never get my arms under it. So, I now have one of those scrolling frames for it. I had to buy a new one as my existing one wasn't wide enough, and I'll only be able to use it on the stand as it's rather heavy but it's working much better.

When I add the next six boxes I'll just scroll. You can see how huge the frame would have had to have been had it not scrolled, eh?

The other thing I've done to organise my Cross stitch is add a nice Excel worksheet. C'mon, you had to know I'd get one in there somewhere. I've been wanting to start the Venice Street project for ages, you see. I prepped it ages ago, but couldn't seem to make time for it between Winnie the Pooh and the My Little Heart projects. So, I was reading about something on the Cross stitch forum to help with this. You make a spreadsheet – this sounded good already – and work on each current project for ten hours. (not ten hours straight off, I hasten to add) Once you've marked off ten hours for each on your spreadsheet, you can do ten hours on a new project. Then you go back to the start and repeat, again adding a new project on the end. You could end up with loads of projects on the go, but at some point you'll also get finishes. I intend to pop some smaller projects in there so there will be some finishes sooner rather than later. No more huge ones until Pooh bear is almost finished.

Venice Street had its first two hours done on it yesterday so I'm happy that I've finally started that. I think it'll take a while though. It's only five inches square but every square is filled in and there's a whopping amount of back stitch. I may post a photo after each lot of ten hours. If I remember. It'll be fun to see how it progresses.

I did spend most of its first hour counting though. The top row is all sky so all one colour. Just seventy blue stitches. First I counted 69, then 71, then 70. Hooray. But, I thought I should check and got 71 again. There were actually 70 but it took me many, many recounts before I got more 70s than 71s and 69s.

I think I may need to organise myself an eyetest soon…


Author: Carole

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7 thoughts on “Getting organised

  1. Oh that is a good idea. I must go set up a new spreadsheet immediately 😀


  2. A spreadsheet is a great idea to keep track of that kind of stuff. You can organize it via the worksheets, then once you get the data in, you can do anything you like with it.


  3. I have a spreadsheet with all my floss listed by DMC color number and number of skeins I have. I like your idea with it


  4. oh I’ve not got the spreadsheet set up…yet! I’m attracted by the idea that it will give me continual permission to begin new projects :chuckle:
    Yes, Angelology is by Danielle Trussoni – I want to say more but don’t want to ruin the plot for you.


  5. Hee hee. I don’t feel such a geek now you’ve admitted you’ve got a spreadsheet for your sewing too LOL
    I shall look forward to some more Harry. Can’t wait to read what happens next.
    Is the Angelology book by Danielle Trussoni? If so, I can order it online from our library – I just checked – so if you’re recommending it I shall do that.


  6. I was having a good old chuckle to myself here as soon as I saw the word ‘spreadsheet’! I know how you love a spreadsheet of course but then…I read on and saw that this particular spreadsheet allows the starting of more and more projects…now that sort of spreadsheet I LOVE 😀 I understand now why John bought the spreadsheet programme thingy for the iPad…it was so that I can organise my sewing time better 😀
    Harry has made it into the envelope and is fully addressed and ready to be transported to the Post Office! Just finished a book called Angelology – you might like it (sadly, it was a library book or I would have snuck it in with Harry!)


  7. Oh you are so right chuck……..organising is a fabulous obsession. No wonder we are pals, I love nowt better than a good ‘sort thru & re-organise’ sesh!!! Marvellous.


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