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Getting organised pt. 2


My books are in serious need of some organisation. Actual physical organisation, this time, as opposed to on a spreadsheet. In the living room I have several bookcases. When we renovated, I insisted on all matching bookcases – with glass doors. Very important, the glass doors. It means I can still see the lovely books but I don't have to keep dusting them. Also, the more valuable first editions and other old smelly books are safer and better protected.

Alas, this means I don't have nearly the amount of shelf space that I had previously as besides the seven mismatched bookcases I used to have upstairs, I also had two eight foot lengths of wall that were covered in shelving, from floor to ceiling. This was spaced precisely to accomodate paperbacks and so held rather a lot of books.

Now I did cull loads. Most went to the charity shop. It hurt and I did shed a tear when they went. It's hard parting with books and I'd had some of them for a very, very long time. But, there was some major decluttering going on and they had to go.

Currently I have only three 80cm and three 40cm bookcases in the living room plus two bookcases in the gym with mostly travel books, cookbooks and other non-fic. There are computer/reference books in my office plus a huge box of books to be BookCrossed, and then there is this, on the floor in the gym. The homeless ones…


I kinda ran out of bookcase when I was stacking them back onto shelves, after the renovation and new bookcase assembly. Ooops. And there they've sat ever since. They're probably the main reason I don't exercise much as every time I go into the gym, they sit there, looking at me accusingly. Books on the floor! It's probably illegal. And if it isn't, it darned well should be. Something has to be done about these poor homeless books.

And then there are the ones downstairs. They're on the bookcases, but not properly. The To Be Read bookcase has overflowed onto The Classics bookcase, which has had to overflow onto The Sci-fi bookcase. And that was overflowing all on its own. Books are lying on their sides on top of other books. Shock! Horror! 

So, I have a plan. Well, I had a plan, which was to buy fewer books, but as that wasn't working and it wasn't going to help the homeless books anyway, I've written it off as a Bad Plan. Pah! No, I have a better plan now. MORE BOOKCASES. I have just the spot for them. I reckon I can fit in two 80cm and one 40cm in the bedroom. I'll put crime/thriller/chicklit in there. That'll make space for Sci-fi to spread out a little downstairs, which'll give me more room for To Be Read books. That'll mean that Classics can have all of their bookcase back, which'll help out Sci-fi even more.

I think it'll work, it just needs a trip to Ikea and a week off to implement The Plan. And, guess what? I only have one more week to work, and then I have a week off. Sorted! I can't wait to start re-organising all my books. I just have to make sure I don't accidentally open one and start reading. If I do that, the plan is doomed.



Author: Carole

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8 thoughts on “Getting organised pt. 2

  1. *grin*
    Well I suppose it’s getting that way already.


  2. Thanks!
    I reckon it’ll be very satisfying when it’s finished. And I do love handling the books and making them look all neat and orderly.


  3. Could you not just open your house as a library!!


  4. Good luck! I redid all my bookshelves about a year ago. It was a project but it was so nice when it was done


  5. A book emergency. I like it!
    Unfortunately the space they’re currently occupying is destined to be taken up by one of the exercise machines that is currently unusable due to being squashed up in the corner.
    Whether it’s any more likely to get used if it’s in its designated home with plenty of room around it is a different matter…


  6. It’s a Book Emergency 😮 the shelves are a necessity. Those poor homeless books – have you told them they’ve only a week to wait until they’ll be nice and comfy in a new home? That space they’re camping out in looks like it would fit a mighty fine bookcase into it 😀


  7. Oh goodness no Ang. That pile of books is the rest of the ones that I couldn’t bear to part with. And trust me, I parted with an awful lot of books.


  8. Phew….thank goodness for that. For a tiny minute I went all hot & cold (nay…almost feverish!!) as I thought you were going to (**whispers quietly so the books cant hear**)…..chuck em out!!! Aarrghh I can barely bring myself to say such a terrible thing….sorry chuck.
    Oh, lovely organisation….shelves. Why that’s almost as fabby as boxes. Bostin.


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