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Danish pastries – yum!


We've just got back from a trip to Costco as we needed to stock up on some of the necessities of life such as a huge tin of Kenco coffee and some whopping great packs of batteries for my keyboard and mouse. Now it just happens that it's a physical impossibility for me to go to Costco and not return with a dozen danish pastries. They're huge. The size of side plates. They're also absolutely delicious and not to be resisted. So I've just sat in the car all the way back, in the passenger seat obviously, with this on my lap.


The smell of the freshly baked pastries was driving me nuts but I was forbidden to eat any until we got home, and as you can see I resisted long enough to take a photo too. Most are going into the freezer but two are staying out for consumption over the weekend. The custard ones are my favourite, closely followed by the apricot, but the raspberry and the icing ones are lush too. I like to defrost one in the microwave and eat it slightly warm for breakfast at the weekend as a treat.

We also got a few slightly healthier things to counteract all that sugary goodness. I think we're pretty much sorted for meals for the next couple of days. Chicken Caesar salad/Chicken salad paninis anyone?

My mouth's watering just looking at the picture of that chicken. Mind you, I can smell it too as it's sitting on the kitchen worktop at the moment and it's still warm from the rotisserie. I do hope I'm not making anyone hungry…

Oh, and for dessert, and in case I fancy a nice healthy snack. This is to go with the nice punnet of blueberries we already had in the fridge.


Mmm, mango fingers. Delicious, and just look at those raspberries. Just begging to be snacked on. Yum.

Ok, I've gone and made myself hungry now. I'm off to have lunch.


Author: Carole

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4 thoughts on “Danish pastries – yum!

  1. Oh yes, that Brioche. With that chocolate spread on it. Yum. I resisted that this time though.
    The danishes we just wrap individually in cling film and bung in the freezer. Once they’re solid, they stack nicely.


  2. I think I need to go to Costco, RIGHT NOW.
    I didn’t know you could freeze the danishes, mind you with 4 of us, the whole platter doesn’t last very long.
    My biggest downfall is the Brioche, I can’t resist buying it and then I eat the whole thing in about 24 hours.


  3. Me too Tree………..it all looks gorgeous Carole, I can just taste those pastries (sadly there are none left in the freezer at the flat!!) & smell that hot ‘chook’ (notice I said *chook*!!!).


  4. oh save me, I’ve not had any lunch yet and I’m dribbling all over the keyboard now 😮


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