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Venice Street


I've been stitching away at my Venice Street cross stitch for the past few days. As per the new plan I've done ten hours on it and have now put it away and will start back on the Winnie the Pooh calendar again. Well, ok if truth be told, I may have done just slightly more than ten hours on Venice Street. I was slightly flexible with my counting and might have missed recording the odd half hour as I've really enjoyed working on it. Once I'd got the first few rows of plain sky out of the way it became a lot more fiddly than the other projects I'm working on so made a refreshing change. There's more colour changes and blending and shading than any projects I've done recently. This is how it looks after the first ten (or so) hour session.


It looks a bit haphazzard, but I was aiming to fill in all the rooftops and then fill in all the sky between them. Then I got so into that one building that I just carried on down it. It doesn't look much but it took a lot longer than all that sky because of all the changes in colour. In a couple of places there are two colours used together for a lovely subtle look. It's going to look beautiful when it's finished.

Must have a close up of the fiddly bits.


When I carry on with it, I'll probably fill in everything to the right of that before doing any more rooftops. I need to see some finished buildings start to materialise.

Right, on with Winnie the Pooh next then, and l'll be stitching May.


Author: Carole

The books I read, the things I make, the places I go.

2 thoughts on “Venice Street

  1. I love teh colors in this! So soft & pretty


  2. The colours are lovely, looking forward to seeing more of it and glad that you’ve put those pastries away – I swear I put on 1/2 stone just looking at the photo 😮 lol!


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