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I've just been to get my eyes tested and the good news is that I can make do with my Varifocals for a while longer. The bad news is that as I suspected, I did really need a stronger prescription for reading so I've ordered some new reading glasses. Half the cost of replacing the varifocals so not so bad. Especially as they had some gorgeous Coco Song frames in the sale with 75% off. Apart from the colour, they're almost identical to the last Coco Songs that I had, and they were the comfiest pair of glasses I'd ever worn. So, just have to wait a couple of weeks for them to be ordered up and made now.

It'll also help if I treat the eyelash infection that apparently I have. And the dry eye. Eye drops for the latter and for the infection, I have to rub baby shampoo on my eyelids. I've spent my whole life doing my best to keep any form of shampoo well away from my eyes, and now I have to rub it into them? Bloomin marvellous! Not.

While I was in the vicinity, I wondered down to the Oxfam shop to see what they had in the way of books. I'd printed out a list of most wanted Big Read and 1001 books so I'd know if a book was a must have. I did quite well. I found two books on The Big Read list and three on the 1001 list. One of them was a real find. An old leather bound edition of the only H.G. Wells that I don't have in my collection – Tono-Bungay. It's lovely and smelly too. Gorgeous!

I spent about three hours stitching on my Winnie the Pooh calendar on Wednesday afternoon. Then, I noticed that I'd made an error about two hours previously. It only took me ten minutes to undo two hours work…
I wasn't very happy with myself and haven't picked it up since. I may do some more later today, carefully avoiding that error I made before. Just one stitch, that's all it was and it threw the whole lot out. Gah!

I did however finish that bunny for the April My Little Heart a while back so I'll share that in lieu of any Pooh Bear. I still think he looks a bit psychotic. I might redo his eyes yet.



Author: Carole

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9 thoughts on “A few books and a bunny

  1. I’m not sure if better is the right word, but thanks 🙂
    I do have very clean eyelashes, but I can now state with some certainty that baby shampoo in the eyes stings like the blazes. I hope it works soon as I’m not looking forward to doing this for too long.


  2. Great find on the book! Hope your eye is getting better. The baby shampoo does seem like an odd suggestion


  3. Hey there… I guess as you know about the 1001 books list, you’re aware of the 1001 Books spreadsheet and have a copy of the new v4 edition, right?
    If not, head over to the spreadsheet page on Arukiyomi.


  4. Oh I hope it’s not a bee. I don’t like bees. Maybe a butterfly? Lots of butterflies about in July.
    (she said hopefully)


  5. I was trying to puzzle out what could come next, I thought of melon, a boat, a bumble bee and then I got stuck!


  6. Nooo, not yet. They eye drops are helping a lot though. I’m blaming the error on the Pooh calendar on the dry eye. I’m not quite so blurry now. It’s an excuse, eh?
    And thanks. I felt the need for a chocolate-coloured egg. I’m hoping to follow your example and get caught up before July’s chart comes out. Wonder what we’ll get next?


  7. Have you got the lashes cleaned up yet? I think the bunny looks great, I like the colour of your egg too 😀 Good find at the charity shop eh? Smashing 😀 I’ve just put the last bit of backstitch into the strawberry girl so I am all caught up – woop woop! What was I thinking when I said the other day that none of my projects had backstitch in them?


  8. Yeah, that’s what she said – cotton bud and water it down.
    But, I don’t wanna. Whine, whine…


  9. That’s exactly what I thought when they told me at the hospital to ‘clean’ my eyelashes etc with baby shampoo….I thought they were barking!!! But, having done this for years, I can vouch for it…it does help so go on, do as you’re told….get a wiggle on!! I use a cotton bud & water down the baby shampoo & make a sort of watery ‘paste’


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