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I've been reading quite a lot lately so you'd assume that the overflowing pile of To Be Read books would be getting slightly more under control. They probably would, except for two things. Firstly, I've been reading bookrings and library books. Neither of these help to decrease the TBR stack. And, secondly, I've been adding to the stack. I was very bad last month. I added twenty-five books. Not all purchased new, I hasten to add. Several were taken from a BookCrossing zone. Most of the purchased ones were from The Works and The Oxfam shop.

So, what I need to do is "Step away from the cheap bookshops". That'll do for starters. There are always going to be books that I particularly want to buy but staying out of charity shops and The Works with its seductive 3 for £5 offer will reduce impulse buys.

Bookrings are going to keep arriving. That's fine. Library books on the other hand need to slow down a little. Tempting as it is to order lots of free books from the online library, I'll limit them to a couple a month.

The clever bit in my new plan is a reading challenge on BookCrossing. It's one that's been running for a few years, renewing each quarter, and the next one is about to start. It's called Set It Yourself, which makes it pretty self explanatory. This quarter's challenge is SIY#13 and I have just joined. It's splendidly run by Nu-Knees, and Ibis3 designs and maintains a progress page for each challenge. It looks fantastic and will be updated as we all read our books for our personal challenges.

I've elected to read 20 books from Mt TBR, besides those I'm already going to read for my 1001 and Big Read challenges.
6 from the 1001 list
6 from The Big Read
6 registered by other BookCrossers
2 others
The actual books are all listed on my 2010 challenge page under the months that I intend to read them – July – Sept.

I'm off to a flying start as I've already read one registered by Judi and given to me TWO years ago. I'm currently reading one that I've been meaning to read for months, but kept passing over as it's a bit of a brick. Now I'm wondering why I kept passing over it as it's fantastic.

Oh, and the best bit about this new challenge? It was a marvellous excuse to do a new Excel spreadsheet so I could work out exactly what to read and when to read it. Almost as much fun as actually reading the books.


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3 thoughts on “A new reading challenge

  1. I feel certain that there are some Austen-esque books in your Mount TBR you know, I’m sure you could schedule them in over the next 6 months! (I’m not giving up, there is today and tomorrow left to sign up!)
    Just had a read of your challenge list and I see you have a real treat in store in August – Les Miserables. Massive but fantastic 😀


  2. I love creating spreadsheets to keep track of things like that


  3. oh boy, how are you going to fit the stitching in 😮 no wonder you keep passing up my tempting offers, lol! I keep popping in to read your June list and getting interrupted – I’ll be back tomorrow for a proper peruse of it when the house is empty!


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