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May’s WtP calendar


And yes, I do know it's July now but I really don't think I've a cat in heck's chance of keeping up with the months on this calendar. The individual pieces may be small but they do seem to be quite time consuming. I thought May would be quite a quick one to do as there doesn't seem to be much to it but that net took ages, 'cause we all know how much I love to do the backstitching. I love it now that it's done though and I've also done quite a bit more on the My Little Heart SAL too. I should catch up with that before I carry on with the Venice Street piece, I think.

So, this is May's Winnie the Pooh – Catching butterflies.

His eyes look wonky. I was having immense difficulties with the French knots again. I think I'd forgotten how to do them. It took about four attempts to do a passable one for the one eye and then I did the second eye easily. The French knots on the butterflies are a bit hit and miss but mostly ok. Perhaps I should practise on some scrap first if I haven't done one for a while. I just wish things like that would occur to me before I messed up and did a bear with wonky eyes. Ah well, we'll call it a feature, eh?


Author: Carole

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2 thoughts on “May’s WtP calendar

  1. Well I think he looks wonderful and I love the colours in the butterflies and that’s a lot of backstitch for the net 😮 looks fantastic though so well worth the effort 😀 I developed a new approach for French knots on evenweave/linen. My little strawberry girl on My Little Heart looked like she belonged in the JA zombie story because her eyes were bulging! After I’d stitched July’s seaside block I could stand the bulgy eyes no longer so I de-eyed her and redid them using a pointy size 10 embroidery needle – perfect! No more zombie eyes!


  2. Looks great! Doing that net would have driven me batty


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