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May’s SAL


Finally, My Little Heart for May. All I had left to do on it was the wee bow on the pot. In hindsight, I should have carried on and finished it off before diving into the Venice project a few weeks ago but I was a bit keen to get started on that one so this got a bit neglected. This bit is finished now though, although it’s a terrible photo. I’ve tinkered in Elements but the colours look dreadful. Ah, well, you’ll get the general idea.


June’s segment, the rather cute strawberry girl is a few stitches away from completion. I’ve just stopped for lunch – Marmite flavoured cheese sarnies with some Marmite cashew nuts. Then I’m going to carry straight on and do July’s. I’m going to complete that before carrying on with Venice. Possibly even today as I feel like sewing. I’ve already finished five books since Friday morning and I think I could do with a change.

For a few hours anyway.


Author: Carole

The books I read, the things I make, the places I go.

2 thoughts on “May’s SAL

  1. There’s an absence of French knots, if that’s what you’ve detected LOL
    I’m planning to add beads to this once it’s all finished, but I’m waiting to see if it needs a quick rinse first.
    And yes, I’m all up to date, apart from the border. Woop!


  2. That is lovely…do I detect an absence of certain somethings though? did you get up to date?


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