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I’ve been stitching away at the Venice Street cross stitch and it’s coming on nicely. I’ll post a photo of its progress over the weekend. In the meantime I’m thinking about which project to start next as once I’ve finished this ten hour session on Venice, I want to do a small kit that I can finish before going back to the Disney calendar. I’ve only got one finish under my belt so far this year as my other projects are all larger or ongoing. I need more!

I had a rummage through my box of kits and charts and found the Disney flower kits. There are four of them in the set averaging 5″ x 5″. The only thing that’s been putting me off starting them is that they’re on 16 count Aida and like the Disney calendar have loads of fractional stitches. The calendar is on 14 count and those stitches are driving me nuts. I really didn’t think they were going to be any more fun on 16 count.

So, as I’ve been enjoying working on the 28 count Jobelan for the My Little Heart project, I thought I’d see if I could cope with 32 count Jobelan. And, just to make the kits look a little different, I ordered it in antique white. Then I got an email back from a lovely customer service lady letting me know they no longer did that colour in the Jobelan and offering me alternatives. After several emails back and forth, during which I asked advice on different fabrics, I settled on 32 count Murano in antique white. It arrived today – the usual super speedy service from Sew and so. It feels very nice so I hope it’s as nice to stitch on. Those holes are mighty small though. Good job I have The Purple Alien to magnify them.

Now, all I have to do is pick which kit to do first, as I’ll have sufficient fabric for all the kits.

I don’t want to do the Winnie the Pooh one just yet as I’m doing lots of him on the calendar piece. The piglet looks like it would be quickest to do and it is very cute. Eyeore looks a fairly quick stitch too, but that is one huge block of purple. Tigger looks as if it would take the longest, but it’s the one that’s calling to me the most as I love Tigger. So, do I go for the quick stitch to get the finish which I’m craving, or do I go for something else that may take two of my ten hour sessions to get done?


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4 thoughts on “Eeeny Meeny

  1. Thanks for the input ladies 🙂
    I’m currently leaning towards Eeyore as I think that’ll ease me into that 32 count a bit more smoothly. And more quickly, as you say Stacey.
    Tree, I am in awe of your attempt to work on 38/40 count :O


  2. They’re all lovely, which did you choose? Matthew won a Tigger for me on a tombola at a bowling competition the other week!
    I find the 32 count ok…with the magnifier, lol! Just takes a little adjusting to if I’ve been stitching on 28 count for a while.
    I started Jane Austen’s house on some very fine stuff – 38 or 40 count it is…I’m currently mulling over the wisdom of that decision though. It was a bargain piece that I bought when somebody was having a little sale at the sewing group, cost me all of a £1! I may have a fiddle with that this afternoon I think.


  3. I’d go with Eyeore if you are looking for a fast finish, then you could do Tigger at a more leisurely pace. I cannot do the 32 count fabric. I need a bigger magnifying glass.


  4. You know you want to do Tigger………..he is of course the very very bestest!!


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