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Some rather fine customer service


I've been struggling a bit with my Venice Street cross stitch project. It's a lovely stitch with beautiful colours and a gorgeous pattern. The problem is the chart. There is backstitch all over the place, which will be challenging enough to do when I get to it. What's causing the problem now is that the lines showing where the backstitch goes are very thick, and the symbols for the colours are very small, and in some cases are quite similar. There are a lot of colour changes. In some places I can't tell what colour is under the backstitch line and it isn't obvious which colour it's supposed to be. The picture which comes with the kit isn't much help as it's small and a bit fuzzy. I've got the pattern enlarged to work with but it was getting quite frustrating having to guess at a colour and then later on, change my mind.

So, I used the contact form on the website for Michael Powell Art, and asked if they had any suggestions. It's taken them a few days, but I did get a nice reply letting me know they were looking into it, and then yesterday a new chart, with much finer backstitch lines on it, popped through my letterbox. All the symbols are now easy to make out so I'm very happy with that. So, thanks very much to Michael Powell. I'm impressed!

I've just finished my latest rotation on the Venice project and this is what it looks like.

It's coming along nicely I feel. The dangly bits of floss are where I'm using the parking method. With so many colour changes, it's the easiest way of coping with them. They've been tied down for now while it's put away for a week or so.

I've just finished stretching the 32 count Lugano over a frame to do the Eeyore with flowers kit and I'll be starting that in a moment. It's slightly larger than Venice but where Venice has a stitch in every square, Eeyore doesn't so it should be much, much quicker. I hope to finish it in the one rotation. We shall see.



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2 thoughts on “Some rather fine customer service

  1. I can see why the thick backstich would be a problem with all those colors. I’m glad they were able to fix it for you


  2. It’s always nice to hear of a company being helpful like that.
    I have never heard of the ‘parking method’ but it does look very sensible, rather than cutting off and finishing loads of ends for one or two stiches


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