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I stitched the My Little Heart SAL right at the beginning of the month, but have just realised that I still haven't uploaded the picture. This month we had a choice of a Sunflower with bees or a beehive with bees. I'm not a big fan of bees so I went for the lesser of two evils and did the sunflower. With bees. In hindsight I'm thinking that it's a bit too bright compared to the rest of the piece and I should have used a more subtle yellow. I was trying to not introduce any more colours unless I absolutely had to and the only other yellow that I'd used was too pale. Maybe I'll redo it. I'll see how it looks once I've done a couple more of the months.

I'm currently stitching away on the Eeyore's flower's project. I haven't spent much time on it as I've had my nose in one or two books this month. I do anticipate finishing him in one cycle though so should have a finish to report soon. I may do some stitching this afternoon as I read pretty much all afternoon and evening yesterday. I was only going to read the first hundred pages or so but it was one of those books…


Author: Carole

The books I read, the things I make, the places I go.

2 thoughts on “Sunflower

  1. oh that turned out beautifully…in spite of the bumble bees 😀 I’ve gone a bit beehive mad since stitching it and bought a cute little needle case/scissor case design to make with a beehive and bumble bee buttons!


  2. ah yes…those books. Cute sunflower


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