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I have a love of organising my stash. I've spent many a happy hour sorting and tidying my scrapping supplies, and now I can do the same for my stitching stuff. I wanted to find a system to keep my floss tidy but didn't want to use bobbins as they fold it and I hate stitching with it when it's all bendy.

I'd been looking at Stitchbows for a while, and finally took the plunge and ordered some from Sew and so. Then I sat and liberated all my floss from its wrappers and put it on the 'bows' and into the files.

The floss isn't under tension so it won't add any more folds to it. The Stitchbow just holds it as it was in the original skein. The label that you slide off the skein goes over the plastic piece provided so you can see at a glance what colour it is.

I was tempted to put them in colour order but decided it would be easier to find what I wanted if they were in number order as I almost always use DMC and have a chart from DMC printed off from the internet with what I have marked on it. I've got this in the front of the file. It'll mean some jiggling about as I add new colours as I don't have a great deal at the moment but I have left gaps in each file to allow for some new additions.

I already had a nice fat file folder that was suitable. They have some 'special' ones up at Hobbycraft and they're a nice special price too. I might look at the craft shops in Orlando when we go on our holidays later on this year and see how much the proper Stitchbow folder is there. And if it's worth getting.

All in all, I'm very pleased with the system. The bows are easy to pull out for individual projects. I can easily find the colours that I want, and most importantly, it looks very pretty indeed. Especially from the edge.



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2 thoughts on “Stitchbows!

  1. that is really nice. The organizer I have has you wind the floss around a small square card, which is tedious. I like yours better


  2. I’m glad you’ve demo’d but my purse isn’t, lol! the look smashing 😀


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