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Eeyore. With flowers. Oh yeah!


Well this took longer than expected. I could use the excuse that I’ve had my nose in a book, but then you’ve heard that one before. I could mention the vile migraine I had last week that stopped all stitching and reading but then that wouldn’t really explain why it’s taken quite so many weeks to do such a small project. No, I have to come clean. I’m just a really slow stitcher. And this had tons of those miserable fractional stitches, and masses of fiddly backstitch.

But, it’s finally finished. Hooray. I really should have put it down and carried on with the next thing in the rotation at some point, but I wanted a finish. I needed a finish. I’ve only had that teeny one this year and to be honest, I can’t see another one any time soon apart from the SAL. My gallery is looking decidedly bare. So, here he is. Eeyore with his pretty, and very backstitched flowers.

Eeyore. With flowers. Oh yeah!

I’m really glad I went with the 32 count Murano instead of the 16 count Aida. It looks so much better having all that unstitched area in the finer fabric. I’m also happy with having chosen the antique white as it looks just that bit nicer than the glaring white.

Next to be stitched is September’s My Little Heart SAL and then back to the Winnie the Pooh Calendar, Venice Street and then a new project. I’ve got the chart and the floss for that and have just ordered some 28 count Cashel linen in Light Mocha plus some gold metallic thread. I’m very excited by this project as I’ve tweaked the chart to personalise it. More details and a photo as soon as I have all the stash.





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3 thoughts on “Eeyore. With flowers. Oh yeah!

  1. He looks lovely! Very colorful. but yeah, that is a lot of backstitching


  2. That is so cute, and the flowers are so pretty.When I see your cross stitching I get an urge to get out my paints or crayons……maybe one day soon.


  3. Oh he looks wonderful, well worth persevering with all that backstitch! Hmm – what is the new project? I am eager to see…something from you little foray at Sew and Sew the other week perhaps? Your poor head 😦 good to hear it’s better now.


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