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The stash is here


There's no denying that Sew and So are quick. I ordered the fabric for my latest Cross stitch project on Sunday and it arrived before noon today. That means I now have all the bits I need to start it. This, of course, is a problem as I'm not planning to start it until we get back from our hols and now I have all the bits assembled I'm itching to start on it. I must do a bit more on my other projects first though.

This is the new one. It's called The Bookshelf and is by Little House Needleworks 

The Bookshelf pic 
It's perfect for me, isn't it. Now, the only thing is, there are a couple of authors on there that I haven't read. I'm sure they're very good but what I wanted to do was personalise the design by changing them for some of my own favourite authors. Before I did so, I emailed LHN and asked if they minded and received a lovely reply from the designer telling me to go ahead. I've left in Austen and Bronte, of course. Alcott, while not a favourite author did write Little Women, which I adored when younger, and I've no idea how many times I read The Secret Garden by Burnett, when I was a child. So, these authors both stayed in.

I removed Browning, Dickinson and Wilder, and then had to decide who to add. I made a shortlist with Tolkien at the top – obviously. You do know that Lord of the Rings is my all time favourite book, right?
Then I downloaded some free cross stitch software and put all the names in there and started fiddling about with spacing. It took me a couple of hours but I managed to get it to look very similar to the original and it now has Banks (Iain), writer of the superb The Wasp Factory and Byatt (A. S.), a potential new favourite author. I've also added Hardy (Thomas) as I can't have Austen and Bronte without him.

This is what all the lovely stash looks like together. Isn't it a beautiful colour palette?

It's all DMC floss. 28 count Cashel linen. And the best bit? Virtually NO Backstitch. I think I'm going to really love stitching this one and can see myself wanting to do loads more of their designs.

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6 thoughts on “The stash is here

  1. Don’t. Tempt. Me. LOL


  2. I think you should make a little start before you go on holiday – maybe just those 4 books at the top left hand side šŸ˜€


  3. I used KG-Chart for Cross Stitch which I downloaded from here -> http://www.iktsoft.net/kgchart-en/kgchart/
    It’s a really nice piece of software. Easy to use and with some great features. I quite enjoyed tweaking with it.


  4. What a great cross stitch! What software did you use to create the new names? I used to have some but it didn’t survive the move to my new computer last year


  5. That realy was made for you wasn’t it ?


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