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A Scarecrow and an Owl


I'm feeling very smug as I'm still managing to stay up to date with the My Little Heart SAL. I completed October's section yesterday – on the third of the month no less. You could have been forgiven for thinking that I was lagging behind as I've just realised that September's didn't get uploaded. It was finished in the correct month, but just didn't get photographed. Ooops. I'm getting so forgetful lately. Ah well, I'll just have to post both months together.

September's design is a Scarecrow. I'm pleased with how he turned out. I think my favourite bit is the crow. October's is an Owl. This is possibly my favourite month so far. He's really cute, I love everything about him.

Sept & Oct 

I'm currently stitching away at the June section of the Winnie the Pooh calendar. Not quite so up to date on that one then. I may take Venice Street on holiday with me as it's quite small and light and being on 14 count, won't be too tricky to do if the light isn't perfect. I'm not saying I'll actually do any of it, but it'll be nice to have with me just in case I get the urge to stitch.

I asked on the Cross stitch forum if there were any shops in Orlando that I should investigate and apparently there is one so I may be investigating that. Also I've been told that the nice art shop in Downtown Disney has exclusive Disney cross stitch kits so I may just have a look-see at those. Hey, I do need to give Stephen some birthday ideas you know…


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2 thoughts on “A Scarecrow and an Owl

  1. Isn’t the owl fab – I had been expecting something a little witchy or ghostie for October, I’m thrilled with the owl. Your scarecrow looks smashing too – the crow is my favourite part of that as well! Glad to see that you’re getting the shopping expeditions planned for your holiday 😀


  2. Those are both very sweet. I agree with you about the crow and I like the scarecrow’s smiley face. I particularly like the bow where the heart is tied to the tree on the owl one, as well as the owl himself of course.


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