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As it was such a lovely morning and as we really needed to stretch our legs a bit after the journey yesterday, we decided to walk to Downtown Disney. Yes, walk. It's not actually far from Old Key West and we like walking. As it turned out we'd have had to either walk from Saratoga or take the bus anyway as there were no boats going into DD today due to the Dragon boat races. I'd tell you how long it took us to walk but I can't. I did look at my watch as we set out, meaning to time it, but then I forgot to look again when we got there.

Oh, hang on a minute. I've just checked a receipt. From setting out to purchasing lunch at the far end of DD, took us an hour. That was a slow stroll in the quiet, pretty bits and then negotiating the crowds through the West Side and Pleasure Island and where the Dragon racers were camped out.

We took a couple of photos around the resort as we set out for the path.

That's from the bridge by Hospitality House (HH). Our building is just to the right of there and looks very similar to those.

That's HH just behind there. We liked the wee lighthouse.

And umm, still liking the wee lighthouse. This time with added palm trees and a boat.

Our walk took us along the side of the waterway and the golf course and down to Saratoga before taking us into the West Side area of DD. We walked straight through to the Marketplace as we were ready for a very early lunch. Our stomachs are still on UK time and were demanding food. We went to one of our favourite places to eat round there – The Earl of Sandwich. Yes, I know, not very adventurous, but nice food and reasonably priced. And the portions are a sensible size.

We both had hot crunchy sandwiches. Stephen had a Ham and Swiss – Roasted Ham with Swiss cheese and Earl's mustard. I had a Holiday special - Turkey, cranberry, gravy, all the trimmings. It was yummy. 

It was all looking very Autumnal with pumpkins and stuff everywhere. There were some huge pumpkins dotted about, and I mean huge, but there were some small ones that really made me smile. This is one of them.

After we'd eaten we had a wander round the shops. I love all the different types of shops they have there. We looked in Art of Disney as on the cross stitch forums they'd said I might find some exclusive kits there. Oh yes indeed I did. They're gorgeous, especially the one of Walt and Mickey walking up a path towards the castle. I may just have to get that one. We popped into Basin for some nice bath bombs and a few other bits and had a nose around The World of Disney store. 

I accidentally strolled into Ghiradellis as we passed. Oops. As I walked in I was handed a couple of chocolates to try. How nice of them, especially as they were spiced pumpkin caramel flavour. I LOVE pumpkin! I bought a pack.

Then we decided to head back for a relax so we got the resort bus.  We were back in no time and found that we now have dishwasher tablets and it looks as if our dishwasher has been inspected and passed fit to use.

Also, we've had a visit from someone who's left me this card open on the island unit.

And inside

Isn't that lovely? I'm chuffed to bits! On the right is a photo that slips out so it's perfect for scrapbooking. Nicely thought out there Disney 🙂
On the left is a Photopass card with a discount offer on it. I have already pre-paid for Photopass though which does get me a good discount so I won't use that, but it's a very nice thought. It was just nice to come in to.

Stephen has caught up on his football results this afternoon while I read, and then after we decided that we'd rather stay in and chill some more as we were a bit weary, Stephen napped while I used one of my new bath bombs in the huge bath. I swear you could get a family of four in there. I wasn't sure whether I should lie back or swim laps. It was very relaxing though. I alternated between pretending I was in a blender with the jets on, and laying back and reading my book. I think I was in there for about an hour. Bliss.

I'm just having a last surf, and then I'm going to retire to bed to finish my book. My huge squidgy chair with lamp is perfect for reading but as Stephen is now channel hopping, it's a bit too distracting for reading.

Tomorrow we might do early entry at Animal Kingdom. Then again we might not. Depends how we feel when we get up.


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