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A castle and some pumpkins


We were up bright and early this morning and after a leisurely breakfast of bagels and cream cheese, we set off for the Magic Kingdom. We had to wait ages for the bus after we spotted it coming into the resort as it goes the other way around, just like the Epcot one did. Note to self: when going to the Magic Kingdom – use the other bus stop so you don't have to wait so long for the bus, and don't have to stand all the way to the park.

When we arrived we found the Magic Kingdom had been transformed into an orange pumpkin-ey fantasy. It must be October then. We managed to get a photo by some of the display but Stephen wasn't quite ready to pose here, because I had to press the shutter quickly as a small child was about to literally leap into the frame. I've had to crop out half of the child's leg as it is. Nice pumpkins though, eh?

There was a glorious display of pumpkins and scarecrows inside, with corn and straw and golden leaves. It was all lovely and orange and we took several photos. I'll share this one though just because I had the foresight to dress to co-ordinate with the decor.

We walked up Main Street and had the usual discussion on where to go first, and then ended up in the usual place. We always ride the TTA first. It's a tradition. And yes, I know it's called the People Mover now, but I'm used to calling it the TTA, ok?

The ride stopped for a minute and I whipped the camera out, as you do, and said "smile". This was the expression I got. Sigh.

We'd picked up Fastpasses for Buzz Lightyear before going on the TTA and it was now time for that. Before going on, we strolled over to Space Mountain and got Fastpasses for that. The FP queue for Buzz worked perfectly. We walked all the way down without stopping and was straight on the ride, timing it perfectly to shout "To infinity and beyond" along with Buzz. We zapped all the batteries, saved the universe and got home in time for tea. Phew. Job done. Stephen somehow managed to get the highest score but I'll get him back another day.

We had twenty minutes to spare before our FP time for Space Mountain so we ambled over to Adventureland to see what was going on over there. I eyed up the Dole whips but thought it was inadvisable to have one before going on a coaster. There was a thirty minute queue for Pirates of the Carribean so we left that for another time and got Fastpasses for Jungle cruise. Then we headed back to Tomorrowland stopping to take a photo of this on the way.

Aww, isn't she cute? There are four of them around the garden but this one was my favourite. Goofy was a close second though.

Space Mountain's FP line worked well just like the one at Buzz. We were on the ride in minutes. This is how the ride went.

Aaaaagghhhh. Hee hee. Whooosh, Wheeeeee. Hee hee. Aaaarghh. Wheeeeee. Hee hee. Whooosh. Whooooaaaaaaaarghhhh. Whoooosh. Wheeeeee. Hee hee. Eeeeeeek. Aaaaaaaaaaarghh. Phew.

I like that ride. After that we felt in need of some lunch so we strolled over to our favourite eatery in the Magic Kingdom, Columbia Harbour House. Stephen had the Fish basket and I had the Shrimp platter. Mmm, shrimp. Huge fried shrimp. A big plateful of them and tartare sauce and slaw to go with them. Oh, and fries. Does the slaw count as one of my five per day? Hope so. It was all very yummy anyway.

We still had some time to use before our FP time for Jungle cruise so we had a look at the standby time for the Haunted mansion. Thirty minutes. Too long. I don't do queues. Not when I know we'll get a walk on another day. We just pottered about enjoying the atmosphere. The great thing about having been here so many times is that we don't feel the need to rush round doing everything.

After a while we ambled over in the direction of the Jungle cruise and walked straight onto that with the aid of our Fastpasses. They really worked well today. Our skipper today was Shona and she was a hoot. I love the corny jokes and the deadpan delivery. When you get the right skipper the cruise is great. Afterwards we noticed they were roping off for the parade and realised it was almost 3pm. We were flagging a bit so we decided to get the bus back for a rest and maybe go out later on if we felt like it.

We'd definitely got the hand of the bus this time. We got off at the first stop, went into the resort shop and were in there for quite a while, and when we came out the bus was just pulling into the Hospitality House stop, having gone all round the resort. We knew it was the same bus as the people that had been sitting next to us were just getting off.

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing, Stephen napping and me surfing and photo editing. By the time Stephen emerged I'd started a new book and was settled in for the evening. I was quite happy to go out if he wanted to but he wasn't in the mood for any more adventures. We settled for fetching a burger from over the road, which was quite nice, and Stephen is now settled down with the TV and some magazines and once I've finished typing I'm going back to my book.

Tomorrow we pick up the car but we've made no plans other than that.



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3 thoughts on “A castle and some pumpkins

  1. Phew chuck….it all sounds fabulous & wonderful if a tad exhausting. It sounds as if you’re having a bostin time & I lurve those photos (the one of Stephen grinning & the one of you in orange t shirt….brill). Keep it coming bab. xx


  2. 30 minutes, is that all? We kill for only 30 minute queues!


  3. Sigh. Magic kingdom. My favourite…. And Columbia harbour house my favourite as well…. Enjoy it!


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