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We picked up the car as planned this morning. We just have it for nine days to help us with when we're moving from hotel to hotel in a few days and so we can do some shopping and go to a few favourite spots off Disney. I'd arranged to have Alamo collect us from here and take us to the Disney car care centre and that all went smoothly. Of course the guy behind the desk tried to get us to upgrade to the next car up but I wasn't having any of that. Stephen is now very happy having taken possession of a bright red Cobalt.

We drove to the Beach Club and asked nicely if we could come in and park for a while. I'd got the parking permit from OKW on the dash as incentive and he let us in once he'd seen our room key. It was lovely to see the Villas again. Nice as OKW is, I can't wait to move to the Beach Club as it feels so much like home.

The reason we'd popped in there today is that my hair has been driving me bonkers. It wasn't too bad at home but the combination of the suncream getting in it and the heat and humidity has made it vile. It needed help. So I wanted to get it cut and the hairdressers at the Beach Club are good. They couldn't fit me in until 2pm so I asked reception nicely if it was ok to leave the car there or if they'd prefer us to move it, as we were going to go into Epcot to while away the time until my appointment. They were fine once I'd explained and said we could leave it there. I know a lot of people would have just left it and not asked, but I felt better checking first.

It did feel good entering Epcot by the top entrance, which is where we usually go in by. It was 10.55 so the World showcase wasn't quite open yet. We ambled down towards Canada and decided it was about time for a wee snack. The Greek stand was coming up so I had the Spanakopita, which was very nice and Stephen had the Chicken Souvlaki with Tzatziki. That looked very nice indeed. I may have to try that myself another day.

Then we took a peek at the wait times for the rides and decided that much as we love Soarin, sixty minutes was not going to happen and we didn't have time for fastpasses today. So, it was one of Stephen's favourites – Spaceship Earth. From there we walked over to The Seas and went for a ride on a Clamobile. When we came out I stood and giggled at the seagulls for a while. I love 'em. "Mine, mine, mine."

Quick pause for a photo of the fountain while it was dancing to the music. I'm pleased with this one as I managed to catch it at just the right moment.

After that we had a nosey round The Art of Disney, got a drink, and then sat down and studied the menu to pick what to have for lunch. So many delicious options but today the Hops and Barley stand up in the USA pavilion won out. We both had Boston-style Crab cake with cabbage slaw and remoulade. The latter being a bit like tartare sauce. It was gorgeous. The slaw had a lovely tang, the remoulade was very flavourful and the crab cake was divine. Full marks!

After some debate Stephen decided he didn't want any more but I'd got my heart set on dessert and I really fancied the one from the same stand. So, Pecan bread pudding it was. Oh my. Best plateful yet. It was so very, very good. It was quite amusing sitting near that stand too. As you walked round from the pay station and handed your receipt to the guy standing at the front of the stand, he'd say what you were having. The person inside the stand would shout back the same as he passed it over the counter. As we were sitting eating, all we could hear was:

Bread pudding. BREAD PUDDING. Bread pudding. BREAD PUDDING. Bread pudding. BREAD PUDDING.

Yeah, it was real popular.

And it was time to head back for my hair appointment, where Evelyn worked her magic and I now have hair that is all sleek and bouncy and styled. Yay.

Just in time for tonight. This is me taking a brief nap ready for our late night tonight. You can see how well that's going, can't you. If I nod off later while we're out, you'll know why. So, I'm going to have a quick lie down before going to Mickey's party later on. I may report back later…


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5 thoughts on “Party time

  1. I always end up with hair issues when I am in Florida. That humidity is a killer


  2. Ang – I’m sure a ‘do’ photo will be coming along soon 🙂
    Fiona and Chris – Just for you two, I’ll force myself to go and eat lots more yummy stuff 😉


  3. Just caught up with all your holiday posts. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time and I’m so glad you’ve got your appetite back, the food sounds lovely.


  4. loving reading your adventures over my morning cuppa…the food bits especially 🙂


  5. We neeeeeed to see the new ‘Do’….bet it’s lovely.


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