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I didn’t go to bed until 2.20am. At 8.20am I was wide awake. PING. Just like that. Wide awake. Sigh. So, I grabbed a Starbucks coffee from the fridge and sat in bed with my book for an hour. Stephen stirred eventually and then we had breakfast. Bagels and cream cheese. Our eat in breakfast of choice. Yum.

The plan today was to chill after yesterday’s late night. I tidied up a bit, did some laundry and puzzled some more over where on earth you’re meant to hang clothes to dry if you don’t want to tumble dry them. Usually you get a line that you pull out over the shower but there isn’t one in this villa and we’ve looked everywhere and can’t see where one might be lurking. I have stuff on coathangers on the balcony doors at the moment and I’m hoping we don’t get a sudden strong gust of wind.

When we started getting peckish for some lunch we got Clifford, that’s what we’ve named the car – Clifford the Cobalt, and drove up to Crossroads to Sweet Tomatoes. We love it in there with all the different salads and pizzas and soups and pastas and especially the mini muffins and brownies. I always go easy on the salad bar so I have plenty of room for the hot foods, and the dessert items. They have really nice coffee too. I had the vanilla today. Yum.

Then we went up to Ritz camera by the Florida mall to see if we could get a spare battery for my camera. No luck unfortunately and they weren’t optimistic about my chances of getting one as it’s a new model and I’m insisting on a genuine Panasonic battery, so we decided not to waste more holiday time chasing round after one. I’ll manage. I’ll just need to keep the GPS turned off as it eats the battery even when the camera is off. I resisted the temptation to go into Borders, which is next to Ritz, or Barnes and Noble which is just the other side of the Florida mall. Are you impressed? I think Stephen was.

Next stop was a shop called Needlecraft World that the people on the Cross stitch forum had pointed me towards. It’s on the 192 and is near a Jo-Ann so I thought that’d be handy. We found it very easily and it was a lovely little shop packed full of cross stitch charts and kits. They had a lot by my current favourite designer so I bought some that I hadn’t seen before.

It’s a set of three, Cappuccino, Caffe Latte, and Frappuccino. The finished sizes are 4 3/4 x 4 3/4 and they use Crescent Colours overdyed silk which is supplied with the chart.

Pretty colours, aren’t they? I haven’t used those silks before so it’ll be interesting using something different and the designs are very me and just the right size for a fairly quick stitch between bigger projects.

I also got this, which is also very me. It comes in a CD case with the chart and fabric but not the silks so I might get those when we go back.

Umm, yes. We’re popping back there as there was another design in this range that I really wanted so she’s ordering it in for me. Look, isn’t it perfect?

I just hope it comes in before we have to take the car back. If not she said she’ll ship it for me. So, after that wee spending spree I thought maybe I’d give Jo-anns a miss so we came back to the villa for some more chilling. That’s surfing for me and napping for Stephen.

8.00pm – I was planning to carry on with this after we got back from the Epcot Extra magic hours later tonight but Stephen is still fast asleep so somehow I don’t think we’re going anywhere. He’s been fighting the tail end of a cold since we came away and I think he felt a bit groggy earlier so I’ve left him there rather than disturb him. I’m ok, I have plenty to keep me occupied plus chocolate and coffee. What more could I want?

No plans for tomorrow as yet. I expect we’ll see what we fancy doing in the morning.


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