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It’s a jungle out there!


Or so the chap on the crazy tram ride would have had us believe. He also told us to have a wild time. Yup, today we've been to Animal Kingdom, one of my favourite places on the planet. We drove there in Clifford the Cobalt with our favourite radio station playing – 96.5 WHTQ Orlando's Classic Rock, which we always set as soon as we get a car. This time we got to see our first trams with doors. Not such a crazy ride then as there's rather less chance of sliding all the way out on the corners.

We stopped and had our photo taken a few times as we wondered into the park, and also meandered through the various places where we know we'll find animals or birds. We always stop to say hi to the parrots.

Eventually we found our way to The Safari. We grabbed Fastpasses and as the standby was only 20 mins we got in line. It turned out that the posted time was a bit exagerated as we were on the ride in less than five minutes. Our driver was great. He kept stopping for long enough to take photos, which they don't normally do. Just a few seconds, mind, but if you're used to the safari, that's all you need.

No animals in that shot strangely enough, but it was so pretty and showed what a lovely day it was so I thought I'd include it. The weather has been gorgeous, even by Florida standards. It's been in the mid to high eighties every day with no rain at all. We've got some thunderstorms forecast for the weekend but this should continue until then.

When we came off the ride, we went straight back round to use our Fastpasses but we needn't have bothered using them as the standby line was a walk-on at that point. In just that short time though, the animals had moved around and this time we saw a giraffe right by our vehicle.

Further round from this we came upon this chap. He was eating his lunch when we approached but as we stopped he lifted his head and just looked at us as if we were aliens. I half expected him to whip out a camera as he was studying us so intently. When we moved off, he did the Rhino equivalent of a shrug and carried on with his lunch. You could just hear him thinking, "Tourists!"

After the Safari we found another Photopass photographer lurking. They seem to be popping up in different places this year. I'm wondering if that's to keep it interesting. I almost didn't bother with it this year as we have so many photos in the same places but it seems that they've thought of that.

Lunch next and we went to the Yak and Yeti counter service place over in Asia. It's quite reasonable there and the food isn't bad. Stephen had Sweet and sour chicken and I had the Orange beef. We had a Pork egg roll to share. Mine was lovely. The beef was tender, there was lots of veggie stuff in there and it was nicely spicy. Just spicy enough so your tongue knew something interesting was going on, but not so spicy that you needed a firehose to cope with it. There was a bed of rice beneath all the veg and beef in the carton and all the sauce had seeped down to it making it all sticky and gooey. Yum. Apparently Stephen's was nice too.

We sat in the courtyard for a while drinking our water and chilling. It was very hot so we weren't inclined to go dashing about. Did I mention it was in the high eighties? Once we'd decided to make a move we thought that as we were in Asia it would be an idea to go and visit the tigers. We do love the tigers and we timed it perfectly today as we got there just as they were being fed.

After admiring the tigers for a few minutes and then walking the rest of the trail, we slowly ambled our way out, catching Divine on the way. I've spotted her a few times before but I think this is the first time I've got a photo so I'm quite happy with this.

It was a lovely day just relaxing and soaking up the atmosphere. Next time we'll probably stay for the parade and go on Dinosaur, which we didn't get around to doing today. 

I think tomorrow we may be going to Hollywood Studios. 


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2 thoughts on “It’s a jungle out there!

  1. Wonderful photos! I’m so hoping we can get to WDW next year at this time.


  2. I am so enjoying your holiday! I love Animal Kingdom, and especially love the Yaj & Yeti counter service, although they could use a cool place to sit, as we were very hot when we ate there, but the food was lovely.
    Great photo of devine!


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