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The Hippo-est Golf in town


We've just got back from Fantasia Gardens where for possibly the first time ever, Stephen has beaten me at mini golf. And not just beaten me. He thrashed me. I was pathetic tonight. We had a hilarious time though especially as the family in front of us was just as bad and were sharing the laughter with us, and the family behind were completely on my side and were pretending not to see when the ball was accidentally falling into the hole as my foot nudged it.

And of course, we won't mention the time when I was so determined to get the ball up the one steep slope in one go that I hit it too hard and it flew over the netting and landed in a tree. Luckily Stephen was able to retrieve it as I was giggling way to hard to even think about it. This is me pretending to be the winner at hole 18.

Earlier today we went to Hollywood Studios but before we went there we decided to have breakfast out. We like Perkins as they have such a great breakfast choice. I knew exactly what I wanted before we even set foot in there but Stephen was a bit overwhelmed by all the choices. Eventually he picked the ham, eggs, hash browns and toast. I had my favourite. A short stack of Buttermilk pancakes with sausage links on the side.

Now, there's a method to eating that, which I've perfected over the years. First you divide the butter evenly over the three pancakes and spread it out so that it melts and is absorbed into the pancake. Then you drizzle maple syrup over the first pancake. You get four sausages so one gets donated to Stephen. He never objects to this. The first sausage gets transfered to the pancake plate and is eaten with the first syrupy pancake. Repeat with the other two pancakes and sausages. Delicious. I cleared my plate. All washed down with the endless cup of coffee.

Then on to Hollywood Studios. We were way too late to get fastpasses for the Toy Story ride and the standby time was 80 minutes so once again there was no way we were getting on this. Another time perhaps. Stephen didn't want to go on the Tower of Terror as he's been getting headachy from this cold he's had and didn't want to risk starting it off again. I can sympathise with that so we headed over to The Great Movie ride and got a walk on. We always enjoy that and love spotting all the different movies at the end.

As we came out of there it was almost time for the next Indiana Jones show to start so we went in there. They seem to have changed the start of the show as we're both convinced that Indy used to come down on a rope before and this time he came over the side. Not that it made it any less good, just that we were surprised.

After Indy we went to the Muppet 3D show which is always funny and then we took a few photos.

At this point I was feeling like I could fancy some icecream and then Stephen turned to me and said he would like just that. How bizarre. So, we headed up towards the Tower of Terror as the icecream stall there has a sugar free option. Stephen had that and I had an Icecream sundae which consisted of vanilla icecream, hot fudge sauce, loads of whipped cream and a cherry on top. Yum. It was very nice indeed. We sat in the shade and indulged.

After that there was no way I was going on the Tower of Terror or Rock n Roller coaster so we headed back for a rest before deciding what to do later. Later turned out to be the mini golf, of course.

No plans for tomorrow as yet. It's our last day at Old Key West as we check out on Sunday morning, so we'll probably take some more photos around the resort at some point. Other than that, who knows…


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3 thoughts on “The Hippo-est Golf in town

  1. Nope sorry. Definitely a walk on for Great Movie Ride. And today was only a small line – we only had to watch the films once before we were on.


  2. **sigh**……….it all sounds so brill chuck. Glad to hear you’re both having such a bostin time, altho I did giggle when I read about your antics on the golf as I’d’ve been much the same. I’m pants at anything like that & would need to ‘nudge’ the ball into the hole too!!


  3. Ok, I was nodding along and agreeing with your report, Mini Golf, Check, Pancakes, check. and then you said ‘ you went to the Great Movie Ride and it was a walk on’…. I have to stop you right there……. The Great Movie Ride is NEVER a walk on – you have to watch those ridiculous films at least 3 times around before you are allowed on, even when it looks like a short queue. It’s some sort of rule.
    I do hope you manage to get on Toy Story Mania – it is probably my favorite ride at the moment.


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