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This morning we dragged ourselves out of bed at the crack of dawn and went back to Hollywood Studios for Extra Magic Hours to see if we could get on that Toy Story ride. We got to the park for 7.45, parked in the very first row, and were waiting behind a hoard of other people ready for rope drop by 7.50. At 8am we were let into the park and it was like a stampede. A few people veered off towards the Tower of Terror but most of us headed straight for Toy Story Mania. As there were about three thousand people in front of us we dived into the fastpass line where we just had to queue for ten minutes to get our passes with a return time of 10am. Yup, two hours later already. We then took a peek at the standby for the ride but with the park having been open for all of fifteen minutes the standby line was now at 50 mins.

This is what the queue to get a fastpass looked like as we walked back past it.

From the woman in the white top on the right aaaallll the way down to the far left and beyond. There comes a point where you have to wonder why.

While we were waiting for our fastpass time we went on the Tower of Terror, hence the post title. I love that ride. I couldn't persuade Stephen to go back on while there was such a short wait time as he's a bit of a wuss when it comes to that ride, so we went over to the Great Movie Ride. Yesterday when we rode it we were in the front car so got the Cowboy, this time we were in the back so got the Gangster. Perfect.

We still had some time to kill before it was time for Toy Story so we went for a wander round and took some photos.

Finally it was time and we joined the queue to go in to the ride. It was only about fifteen minutes before we were on the ride, long enough for a fastpass queue but as the standby was at 90 minutes by this point we weren't going to complain. The ride was fun and I can see why it's popular but it was over in a few minutes so why anyone would want to queue for that long I have no idea.

After that we got the launch over to Epcot. We were feeling snackish and the Food and Wine festival was calling. We popped down to the Festival center first to pick up passports to help us keep track of what we've eaten so far. Then on to Charcuterie and Cheese for our first snack, the Charcuterie plate consisting of Applewood Smoked Beef, Duck and Ham. That was quite nice, having two pickles and some bread with it. Then we sat and had some coffee while we planned our snacking. Stephen wasn't feeling particularly hungry so he skipped the next stop which was Singapore, where I had Shrimp Cake with Singapore Noodle Salad. That was ok, but not as nice as some things we've tasted.

Oh dear, I'm watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets while I'm typing this and the spiders have just come on. I'm going to have nightmares now. I don't like big spiders on the telly. Eeek, they've all just come down from the roof. Ron wants to panic. I think I'll join him. Phew, it's ok, they've escaped.

Ok, so next was Italy where we both had Baked Cheese Ravioli with Creamy Bolognese Sauce and Melted Mozzarella. That was very nice indeed. That left me fancying a bit of dessert but the three that I most fancied had massive queues and I just didn't want them that much so I had a crepe from France as there was no queue at that stall. I've been meaning to try one of those for years as they did look rather nice and what do you know? They tasted nice too.

I'm just going to lob in a random photo from Epcot here, just to prove that I did get the camera out occasionally.

Then back to Old Key West as we had to pack. This is our last night here. I can't say that I'm sorry to be moving on. The resort is nice enough and the villa is beautiful and very large but it has to be the noisiest villa/room we've ever stayed in. That has a lot to do with our balcony being a few feet from the main road into the resort.

Tomorrow we're off to Universal to the Hard Rock Hotel so it's only fitting that I should be watching Harry Potter on TV as we'll be going to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, tomorrow or Monday. Then it'll be back to Disney.


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2 thoughts on “Ups and downs

  1. I really envy you going to the Harry Potter thing. I’m not a big ride fan but I’m looking forward to sharing your harry Potter experience : 0 )


  2. I like toy story mania. But no ride is worth queuing 2 hours for. Ice never understood why some rides get such insane lines.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen the cowboy. We’ve always had the gangster/ indiana jones option.
    Enjoy Harry potter. And I hope the queues there aren’t too insane.


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