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We've stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel before, back in 2001. That was for two weeks and we loved it. We really like the atmosphere at the hotel and the whole Hard Rock 'thing'. This time however, we were only here for one night. A shame, but it is an expensive hotel and we are on a budget. The room was just as good as I'd remembered though and it was definitely worth it for all the perks you get in the two parks.

Huge great comfy beds, although Stephen wanted to play Star Wars with the light sabre sausages on them.
<you need to imagine me rolling my eyes here, ok?>

You see the ipod dock between the beds? It's identical to the one we had at Old Key West, which I thought would be handy as I'd have to set the alarm for 6am. Unfortunately the 'set time' button was stuck so we had to phone down and ask for an alarm call anyway.

Now, just in case that ipod dock/radio wasn't enough entertainment, here's the TV and the music centre. I soon tuned that radio into WHTQ Orlando Classic Rock. Oh yeah!

Note all that drawer space? Shame we wouldn't be unpacking. Oh look, I've just realised you can see Stephen in the mirror to the right. He was just phoning down to Bell services to get our luggage sent up while I was running round with the camera while the room was still tidy. He's sitting at the nice table, which is where the 'internet with no price on it' was located.

I really liked this funky little pouffe. The chair was quite comfy too. Had we been staying longer, I'd have claimed that as my reading corner.

The bathroom was large enough, sparkling clean and had plenty of big fluffy white towels. There was a nice range of toiletries – Sweetgrass, which I used as I had a quick shower while I waited for the luggage. It was a nice fresh lemony smell. One thing I did like about the room that I thought was really useful was that all the light switches were large and had lights on them so you could find the switches in the dark.

My absolute favourite thing in the whole room though was this.

A proper coffee maker, with a fairly generous supply of pods. How cool is that!? Disney if you're listening, we'd like those in the DVC resorts please.

I think it's fair to say that I really liked our room. I love the hotel, which we visit fairly often to shop at. The staff were all very polite, courteous and friendly, but cool at the same time.

I have to add that we got a nice bit of Rock Star treatment this morning when we got the launch over to City Walk. It was unreasonably early, I'll grant you, but we had the whole launch to ourselves. The captain didn't bother waiting to see if anyone else was going to come down. As soon as we'd sat down, we set off. It just felt a bit special.

Ok, I'll go and sort out some photos of our day out today and catch up on my blogging. Sigh, I'm still looking at the photo of that coffee maker. I did like that…


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