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I love Epcot!

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This morning it was rather overcast and not nearly as warm as it has been at only 71 degrees. Deary me. But, by 9am the sun was out and you'll be glad to know that it reached a high of 83 degrees. Granted that is almost 10 degrees cooler than the past few days but it has been a bit on the hot side so I'm not complaining. It's been very pleasant today, especially with the cooling breeze.

We started off the day in Epcot. I was still feeling a bit wibbly so again we didn't want to stray too far, plus we were hoping to get on Soarin as it's one of our favourite rides. We did manage to get fastpasses but had a couple of hours to wait before returning so went for a wander round the World Showcase just to enjoy the atmosphere and take a phew photos. We weren't peckish at that point as we'd had breakfast croissants from our resort shop – yum – so didn't partake of the festival offerings.

We had a good mooch round Canada and went in to see the O Canada circle vision film. We like that. Then photos.

In France we found a Photopass photographer taking photos in front of the Beauty and the Beast topiary so we got our photos taken and then took some ourselves.

Then Stephen discovered that he'd run out of room on his memory card and didn't have a spare with him. So we popped back to our room to swap them over. Good job we were only in France so didn't have far to walk. We found another Photopass Photographer on the way back in so nabbed her for some more photos and then I took this one of Stephen in his favourite Tigger t-shirt.

After a bit more strolling round we headed back down to the Land for our date with Soarin. I absolutely love that ride. I just have the biggest grin on my face all the way through. It's amazing. We'll be going on that again at least once more before we leave.

I'd had about enough by this time so we came back to the Beach Club for a rest, but we planned to go back to Epcot for 6pm. We'd already seen one act for the Eat to the beat series but the one that I really, really wanted to see was on tonight. Starship. They were brilliant! I knew every song and was singing along much to Stephen's embarrasment. We've seen a few bands on at Epcot and they were by far the best.

Then we dived straight into the line for the Hops and Barley stand to get New England Lobster rolls. Oh yum. They were delicious. We've now sampled everything from that stand and it gets my vote as the best one so far. I felt the need for something sweet to finish off the evening though so we popped down to Germany to see what the line was like there. It's been quite busy there and it was getting quite crowded tonight, but it wasn't too bad. Finally the Apfel Strudel featuring Werther's Original Karamell Sauce was mine. And Stephen's too as he decided a small portion wouldn't hurt him. It was extremely nice. Not quite as nice as the Pecan bread pudding but definitely on a par with the Pear Streusel Pudding Cake. Mmmm.

We then waded through the crowds, and I mean waded. Where on earth did everyone suddenly come from? And now we're relaxing back at the Beach Club. Oh, and we found another Photopass photographer. While we were eating our Strudel, we spotted her in a dark alcove. She was all ready to take photos with the illuminated Spaceship Earth as a backdrop and nobody knew she was there. Except us, of course.

So, today we went to Epcot three times and had a fantastic time. I love Epcot! 


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One thought on “I love Epcot!

  1. Fabulous ! I can practically taste your choices from the food stands….*drool*
    You and Stephen have given me an idea for a surprise Christmas present for my Steven with the Tiger T-shirt. I shall write it on my secret list right away.
    Glad you are feeling better xxx


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