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The car had to go back on Thursday morning. We'd only had it for part of the holiday and when we planned everything it seemed like a good idea. And it would have been apart from that slight unforseen problem on Tuesday and Wednesday. We'd meant to spend those two days out and about doing a bit of shopping and eating out but obviously didn't. After talking it over we came to the conclusion that actually we'd still like to do that so we arranged to rent a car for just the one day. It's quite probably the ugliest car that I've ever seen.

A red box on wheels. It was actually quite nice once you got in it but oh my it was bug ugly on the outside. We picked it up from the Dolphin hotel which was nice and handy as it's only five or ten minutes walk from here.

First stop was that lovely cross stitch shop, Needle Craft World, to get the kit they'd ordered in for me and to get a few more goodies as today was open house and they had loads of stuff on sale, including my kit and some threads that I wanted. Plus a couple of charts I'd had my eye on. We also went to Joanns where I picked up some DMC for a chart and Michaels where I managed to get the Stitchbow cases that I was looking for plus some DMC accessories.

We hit a couple of bookshops too. Borders was first and after a nice browse I picked up a couple of books. Two are as recommended by Stacey, so I was pleased to spot those. They do look good!

Then Barnes and Noble as I was hoping to pick up one of these which had been talked about on the Cross stitch forum. I know, I know, but it does look fun 😉

We had a mooch round the Florida Mall at one point and I managed to consume a spiced pumpkin muffin from Starbucks, but didn't do any shopping there. Final stop was Premier Outlets where Stephen got a new watch as his stopped the day after we got here. I got a new pair of work shoes from the Ecco store. I normally get them from the branch at home but pay twice as much so I'm very happy with that purchase. I also fell deeply in lust with a raspberry pink handbag in Fossil. I went for a walk round some other stores before parting with any $$ though and came to my senses before paying $60 for it.

It was beautiful though.

The traffic was vile coming back so we abandoned any plans to go back out to dinner and have had food from the resort shop. We have some 'no sugar added' cheesecake in the fridge for dessert so that'll be nice.

Must tell you about the neighbours. They've decorated their balcony for halloween and it looks wonderful. There's a skull in the middle under what looks like a Christmas tree, and there are two Winnie the Poohs that light up, with all orange lights strung up. We've attempted a photo but as the balcony curves round it's difficult to get a good shot. This'll give you an idea though.

Possibly Animal Kingdom tomorrow. It's about time we had a go on Dinosaur, I think.


Author: Carole

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3 thoughts on “Shopping!

  1. The Donna Andrews books are awesome and really funny!


  2. Apart from the ugly car (& even bug ugly cars have feelings!!lol), it does all sound rather bostin. I lurve those threads that seem to have jumped into your basket….they’re little tinkers for doing that aren’t they? That handbag sounded lush too, Echo shoes are always good & what can one say about books?? They are most important of course. xxxx


  3. That is one seriously ugly car, but if it got you to the shops, then that’s what matters.


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