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A Sundae on a Monday

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We had a lazy day today. We took our time getting ready to go out and once we did make a move we headed for Downtown Disney. There were a couple of things we wanted to buy and we thought we may as well get them all together and take advantage of being able to use our Annual passes to get discount.

We had a pleasant morning just mooching round the shops and getting the bits we wanted. Then we got peckish. We didn't fancy much but Ghirardellis had been calling every time we'd walked past it. After inquiring we found out that they did some no sugar added ice-cream so Stephen was in there like a shot. He had one of these with the special ice-cream which was a vanilla with chocolate swirls.

I had something a bit more interesting looking. I'm pretty sure the fact that it has bananas in it cancels out any negative impact from the sugar 😉

I had to take photos of the menu, I'm afraid. Normally I'd take photos of the actual ice-cream but it looked so good when it arrived that we dived straight in. By the time I realised I'd forgotten the photos they looked pretty demolished.

The plan then was to chill for a while back in our villa and then pop over to Epcot for some snacking. I've had a lovely relaxing time sitting on the balcony with a drink and a book. Stephen was playing with his DS then he had a nap.

When it was time to go back out I was still quite happily reading and Stephen didn't really want to move so we ate in and we've had a quiet night.

We're planning to do Extra magic hours for Epcot in the morning and will hopefully get a couple of goes on Soarin and maybe Test Track. Mustn't snack too much when World Showcase opens though as we've got that dinner booked at Cape May. I'm looking forward to that.


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