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You'd think having three weeks off work would mean a glut of reading but as I've been on holiday I've been much too busy to read most of the time so this month's total of books read is only twelve. Most of those have been from my tbr pile and are light or easy reads. Not much progress with the reading challenges, but as I said – holiday. I'll just have to catch up in November. The Book Thief is the pick of the month, closely followed by Sister and Love letters.

4 x bookrings
8 x from TBR
4 x 1001 list

Sense and Sensibility – Jane Austen
(tbr) As this was read for the Everything Austen challenge I did a review here.

The heart of the matter – Graham Greene (1001, bookring) I rather liked this one, even if it did take me a few chapters to start appreciating it. It's the tale of an honest man who makes one error in judgement and gets caught up in a downward spiral from which he can find no escape. Set in a War-torn West African state, it gave you a feel for the conditions and had an interesting set of characters.

Wise Children – Angela Carter (1001, bookring) I liked this much better than the other book that I'd read by the author – Nights at the circus. I loved the main characters and the way the story was narrated by one of them. I loved how it was so irreverent in places and so sweet and touching in others. And occasionally risque, of course. A smashing book!

Don't move – Margaret Mazzantini (1001, bookring) This one was ok. Mostly. The main character, Timoteo, was narrating the story as his daughter was in surgery, hovering between life and death. I really didn't like him. Towards the end of the book I just wanted him to get on with it so I could find out if his daughter survived or not, as his self-pitying tale was irritating me beyond belief. I'm not going to recommend this 😉

Something borrowed – Paul Magrs (bookspiral) I liked this! Brenda and Effie are as interesting and bizarre as in the first book. In this one The ladies try to track down the sender of some poison pen letter, Brenda recalls some of her past when a gentleman from the 1940s comes to jog her memory, and we find out that the past is all tied up with the mysterious goings on of the present. It's all very zany, macabre, silly and absolutely marvellous. There are several nods to gothic literature once again and the ending sets things up nicely for book three.

Sister – Rosamund Lupton (tbr) I read this on the transatlantic flight and it kept me pretty well occupied for several hours. Definitely a good choice. I was really impressed with it, especially the twist at the end. I loved the way it was narrated, the characters and the plot. I would really recommend this one.

The Book Thief – Markus Zusak (tbr) I started this in Newark airport and read some more on the flight down to Orlando. It proved to be just as engrossing as Sister was and I polished it off over the next couple of days. I was intrigued by it from the start, the fact that it was narrated by Death. It was quirky, interesting and given the setting, sad in places. I really loved it.

Love letters – Katie Fforde (tbr) I like Katie Fforde's books. They make perfect holiday reading as they're always a nice feelgood story requiring very little effort to read. I particularly liked this one as it used the same characters and setting as in the last book of hers that I read, Wedding season. The main character was new but inserted into the familiar setting. I liked that. Very enjoyable.

Fear the worst – Linwood Barclay (tbr) I really enjoyed the author's first book and the second one was good too. This one was ok but didn't excite me as much as the first ones did. It was still an enjoyable holiday read though, even if the ending was a touch predictable.

Ready or not – Chris Manby (tbr) A fairly quick and light chick-lit read. Not much more you can say about it really. It was fine. An ok holiday read.

West End girls – Jenny Colgan (tbr) Another quick chick-lit read. It was ok, and fine as a holiday read.

Operation Sunshine – Jenny Colgan (tbr) This was in the same volume as West End girls and was again a quick chick-lit read. I didn't enjoy it even as much as the former and probably won't seek out any more books by this author.


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