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Sigh. Back home and all ready for work tomorrow. We didn't win the lottery while we were away so I can't book to go straight back. Sigh. Better start the countdown for the next one then I suppose. And finish the tale of Disney 2010.

That last day, we didn't go to the Magic Kingdom. We woke to the sound of rain. Very loud rain. So, we decided the only sensible thing to do was to stay in bed. I had a book that I was quite keen to finish so I did just that. We'd spent plenty of time in the parks really so it wasn't a big deal and it meant that we could pack at our leisure and have a nice relaxing day. The rain was on and off the whole day, it wasn't that warm, and according to the TV it was 100% humidity.I think it was more pleasant inside with the occasional venture onto the balcony. We snacked from the cupboards and fridge all day, using up any food we had in and Stephen fetched pizza and dessert from the Marketplace for dinner. It was quite nice just to enjoy our villa, although the packing got a bit interesting when one of the cases wouldn't shut. We got there in the end though.

Friday we were up at 6.30 and had plenty of time to pack the last few bits, have some breakfast and get downstairs in time to catch the Magical Express at 9.10am. That was quite a nice way to say goodbye to WDW actually. I'd use that service again. We got through the airport fairly quickly without any hitches. We thought we'd miss the use of Virgin's Downtown Disney checkin service especially when we saw the queue to check in for Continental but the line moved quickly and we soon had our boarding passes. I glanced at them and noticed that only one set had the seat numbers that I'd reserved. The others were different. And were exit rows. Hurrah. We'd never had exit rows before. I was not going to complain.

Boarding for the first leg was fast and efficient, although we were delayed for an hour due to weather at New York. We had a long layover there though so it made no difference to us. Our exit row seats were for this short hop up to Newark and they were very nice indeed. The row of seats in front of us was so far away that I had to lean right forward to get my book out of the pocket. Brilliant!

We landed at Terminal C just a few gates down from where we had to pick up our next flight so we only had to walk a few yards and didn't have to mess with luggage or security again. Excellent. We had a snack at the food court and a bit of a walk round. Newark is quite a nice airport, or the bit of it we saw is, anyway. Our flight up there had been very quick at only two hours so we had a while to wait but it went fairly quickly. Boarding again was fast and efficient and we were soon underway and the flight only took five and a half hours. I think Continental must use rocket fuel. The seat pitch and width once again seemed more comfortable than we're used to on Virgin. The cabin crew were more friendly and efficient, and the meal was fine. The IFE, (in flight entertainment) was far superior to the one we've seen on Virgin planes.

The biggest bonus for us, of course, was landing at Birmingham. It is the best airport in the country. Not that I'm biased or anything, but we were off that plane in record time, straight through immigration and our luggage was just coming round the belt. We picked that up, walked down a corridor, out a door and were in the corridor opposite the door to outside. I'd say from landing to my front door was less than an hour. And bear in mind, we'd disconnected the battery on my car to make sure it started so that had to be reconnected before I could drive home. Compare that to Gatwick last year. I'm pretty sure we were still waiting for the luggage to appear there in the time it took us to get home this time.

There's no doubt in my mind that unless Virgin come up with some very impressive prices, and they'd have to be very impressive indeed, I'll be flying Continental from Birmingham for our Florida Jaunts from now on. Sadly, they couldn't come up with any decent prices for our little trip to Vancouver next year so that'll be with BA from Heathrow. And I'm mighty nervous about that, but boy did I get a good price on that flight!

We were a bit weary when we got in. That was about 7am yesterday morning. I had a four hour nap and then unpacked one suitcase and got some laundry underway before watching the Formula One qualifying with Stephen. Then I finished off the unpacking. There wasn't much laundry as I'd been doing it as I went along on holiday. It's so nice just to be able to put the clothes away as you unpack them.

Today I've just relaxed mostly. We watched the Grand Prix but with work looming tomorrow we didn't want to do much. Don't you just hate that first day back?

So, leaving you with one last photo from Disney. I spotted this on the way out of the Magic Kingdom on one of our visits there and thought it seemed appropriate for my last holiday post.



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2 thoughts on “Home again

  1. Thanks for reading šŸ™‚
    And I think it’s your turn next. I’m looking forward to reading your trippies. Ok?


  2. i have really enjoyed your trip report carole, thanks for posting. And go back soon! I need more trippies šŸ™‚


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