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Caffe Latte

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One of my favourite things to drink, so when I found the Cross Stitch kit for it I couldn't resist. This is one of the ones that I bought in that lovely shop in Orlando, and is part of a set of three. Now I know that I said that I'd start stitching The Bookshelf as soon as I got back from holiday, but these three kits were so lovely that I'm afraid I ordered the fabric for them in order to do one of them straight away.

They come with the chart and the silks, and when I say silks, I mean just that. Crescent colours overdyed silk. It feels divine. It's so soft and well, umm.. silky. The specified fabric is a bit hard to find in the UK and is quite expensive if you can find it so I had a chat via email with Sewandso and they recommended a fabric that was the nearest colour to the one used. It's one I haven't used before but these are small projects so are ideal to try something new. It's Permin which is quite stiff but the holes are very open which'll be rather helpful what with it being 32 count. See it under the silks there? See the holes? No? I can't either LOL

So, I now have all the stash and this is what it looks like. The finished size is 4.75 x 4.75 so quite a nice size.

On my holiday shopping wishlist were some Q-snaps. I never did find any so I ordered the UK equivalent from Sewandso in the 9" to use with these kits to see what they were like. Normally when I set up the fabric for the first time it takes quite a while. I faff about with a hoop, tugging here and there getting the fabric nice and taut. Or, if using one of the square frames that need the whole thing attaching with drawing pins, that takes even longer. And the scroll ones? Ages!

Having just popped my fabric in the new snap frame and got it in there and taut as a drum in about fifteen seconds, I'm wondering why on earth I've been bothering with all the other frames when these remarkable inventions exist. Even my Purple Alien snaps on there nicely.

Right, I'm off to do some stitching. I can't wait to see what this silk feels like when you stitch with it, as all I've done so far is stroke it lovingly.


Author: Carole

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One thought on “Caffe Latte

  1. I love Q snaps! They keep everything so taut and they are just the right thickness for me to hold comfortably. I hardly ever see them in stores in the US, except occasionally in JoAnn Fabrics. I end up getting them from Amazon


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