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I’ve been doing a bit to my Caffe Latte cross stitch each day and it’s coming along very nicely. I’m loving the Q-snap type frame. I did find at first that it slipped a touch as I held it, but I knew that might happen from reading about them on the cross stitch forums, and I knew the solution was to use some fine fabric between the frame and the stitching. This protects the stitching and stabilises the frame so it doesn’t move unless you want it to. I had some white fabric spare and it did the job nicely.

I took the fabric off to take a photo of my progress so far so you could see how it looked in the frame. After all, it only takes seconds to pop it in and out.

The Permin fabric is much stiffer than anything I’ve worked with before but it’s ok. I’m quite happy with it and it’s very easy to see the holes considering how small the count is. It’s slightly uneven and slubby but still easy to stitch on.

The silks are divine. They feel gorgeous as they run through your fingers. They don’t tangle or knot. They don’t seem to fray. I’m really going to hate going back to DMC after this. I love watching the colours change as you stitch. It’s a pretty effect.

The only thing I’m not 100% happy with is the coverage. I’m working one strand over two as specified in the pattern. I’m using the silks supplied and using the correct count of fabric, but the coverage is slightly thin. This may be because I’m not using exactly the same fabric but if you look closely at the picture on the packaging, the coverage isn’t perfect on that. I’m ok with it though. This is what it looks like closer up.

I think it’ll be fine. It’s just not as dense as my other current WIPs.

Ok, I’m off to do some more to it. Maybe I’ll get the froth on the coffee finished today and perhaps the top of the cup.

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3 thoughts on “Brewing nicely

  1. That is lovely. The border is sooo pretty too.


  2. Oh it’s looking lush chuck.Crack on with getting a bit more done for when I come down!!!


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