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The Photopass CD arrived on Friday and today the wee bonus that I ordered with it arrived too. I've been eyeing up the Photo Gallery CD for a couple of years but have balked at the idea of spending $40 on it. As I went to check-out my Photopass CD though, I noticed the special offer. Buy the one and get the Gallery CD free. Yup, free. My favourite price. How could I resist? Ok, so it added $11 to the shipping, but that's a heck of an improvement on $40.

I've had a quick look at my Photopass CD already and the photos look great. I'm really pleased that this year the photographers were camped out in some different locations, and I'm very happy with the Halloween party photos. Some photos on the CD that immediately caught my eye though were the ones right at the end when we were feeling a bit mischievous. We'd just bought ourselves ice lollies as it was a beautifully hot day in Animal Kingdom and we'd felt the need to cool down. Then we walked past a photographer in one of the usual spots right by the Tree of Life. We looked at each other and just had the urge to get our photos taken WITH our lollies. Don't ask me why. It just seemed like the thing to do at the time.

Normally we take off our bags for photos but our hand were full of dripping lolly. Note the dangling water, hat, sunglass case, etc. It's amazing just how much you can dangle from a bumbag.

We'd said to the photographer that we wanted our lollies in the photo and we were having a good laugh with her. She obviously thought it was a great idea too as she got us to pose like this for the next couple of shots.

Please note how closely I was watching my lolly. It was a pineapple one and very nice. I wasn't sharing. Just pretending to. His may have been a nice sugar-free strawberry one, but I didn't really want a lick of it. It did make for a fun photo though and I'll enjoy scrapping those.

I'll pick out some of the best Halloween ones later and post them. I'm delighted that I've finally got the magic shots with the hitchhiking ghosts. They came out great, plus there are some lovely atmospheric castle ones.


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2 thoughts on “It’s here!

  1. Love the lolly photos.
    Now I’m looking forward to seeing the Halloween ones too.


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