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Half a latte


The Caffe Latte cross stitch project is about half done now. The border is almost finished, the cup is done and all that's left to do is the text and the leaf pattern at the bottom. I think I'll have it finished for the weekend. All I'll have to do then is decide whether to carry on with one of the current projects in my rotation or to start that Bookshelf one that is all kitted up and ready to go. Or there's the Victoria Sampler learning collection #1 that's calling to me. Decisions, decisions.

Hey ho. For now, this is how Caffe Latte is coming on.

I've got used to the thinner coverage and I quite like the effect. It's rather antiquey looking. I think I should start looking around for some suitable frames for the three kits as I'd like them to match when they're finished. Could be a while before the other two get done though. There are so many other charts and kits demanding my attention.



Author: Carole

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2 thoughts on “Half a latte

  1. It’s looking great!


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