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Caffe Latte is finished


I am so pleased with how this has turned out. It was really satisfying to stitch and it looks lovely, if I do say so myself. The fabric has given it a sort of antiquey look which seems to fit the modern design. And it’s a finish. My second one of the year. I, am very happy indeed.

Caffe Latte is finished
I’ve now gone back to stitching the My Little Heart SAL as it’s now December and it needs to be finished before the end of the month. Yes it does. I have put my foot down. There’s only a bit of border, December’s design and some French knots or beads to add. Then I can carry on with some more interesting stuff. Like Venice Street and The Bookshelf. And possibly the Pooh calendar which seems to be less interesting of late, but never mind.

Of course, this all depends on whether the temperature in the house rises enough for me to be able to hold a needle as it currently feels somewhere around freezing. It’s apparently -3 outside which is actually nice and toasty compared to the -10 I faced on the way to work this morning, but quite frankly I’d rather go back to Florida for the winter. I’m just not designed for these temperatures. My bones are shivering. P’raps I’ll go and put on another jumper to go with the two I’m already wearing. Brrr. Roll on the summer. Please?


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4 thoughts on “Caffe Latte is finished

  1. Gorgeous – the cappuccino is on my list to do. You can have coffee and cake on the wall when you’ve done a few of those other ones 😀


  2. That’s lovely Carole………..such a pretty border too.
    What you need are fingerless gloves and thermal socks and underwear. Oh and don’t sit still for too long.
    Can you sew and jog do you think ? : 0 D


  3. It looks lovely. I was in Florida right after you were & it was so nicely warm. Quite a shock coming back to 26F temps


  4. It looks lovely chuck, I love the lettering too…bostin. It’s piggin freezing up here too & to make matters worse we had no heating today!!! Brrrrrrrr.


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