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I miss my car

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I hadn't actually planned to go anywhere in it over the weekend but it's amazing how many times I've had the urge to pop out in it since I haven't had it. It's currently sitting at the garage waiting to be repaired after a slight emergency on Friday.

The problem started on Thursday afternoon on my way home. The rear screenwash decided to exit on the inside of the screen and splatter all over the rear parcel shelf. It's not supposed to do that.

On Friday Stephen had a look at it and managed to do something that caused the inside of the hatch to get very, very wet. This apparently did something to the locking mechanism. It still locked but the alarm thought it wasn't and kept going off. I was able to temporarily fix this by manually locking the doors and not setting the alarm but there was a more pressing problem. The interior light also thought the hatch was open and wouldn't go out. This meant that in a few hours, I'd have a flat battery. As we couldn't figure out how to disable the interior light, the car had to be rushed up to the garage on Friday afternoon. Not what I wanted to do when I was still recovering from a vile headache.

I was hopeful they'd be able to fix it and let me have it back for Saturday but a part is needed and it'll be Tuesday at the earliest. So, it looks like I'll be getting a taxi to work then. And two buses home.

I've consoled myself with a weekend spent reading and stitching. I've very nearly completed the My Little Heart project. Just a few beads to stitch on and I'm done. November and December are finished, complete with, wait for it – French knots. You know, I actually think I'm getting the hang of those. Ok, so her eyes are wonky, I didn't say I could do them evenly…

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One thought on “I miss my car

  1. Sorry about the car trouble! Good job on the cross stitch!


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