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I’ve been working on The Bookshelf and have been really enjoying it. It’s a lovely piece to stitch. I like the fabric, the design is easy enough to make it pleasant to do but challenging enough to stop it from being boring. I love, love, love the colours. So far, I’ve done the shelf at the top with the books and the plant on it, plus the title row. The books have detail in the spines in metallic thread, which I’ve never used before. Boy, isn’t that stuff a treat to use. (you need to imagine me rolling my eyes here, ok?) It looks good though. Just like some of the older books that I have in my collection so I guess it’s worth the effort. It does’t photograph very well though. It looks as if it’s bounced the flash off so please ignore the white specks on the metallic bits. They’re not really there. Honest.

That’s what it looks like so far. The next bit to do is where I’ve customised. I’m quite keen to get on with that but for now I’ve taken a wee break as I rather fancy doing a small project.

Kell has designed some lovely bookmarks over at Kincavel Krosses and I took a fancy to this snowflake one. I had some navy 14 ct Aida and some pretty variegated floss so I made a start last night. I know using such a large piece of Aida is a bit wasteful but I can’t stitch without a frame and I’m now addicted to my R&R frames so I had to use a wider piece than I actually needed. This is the bit I’ve done.

The variegation on the thread is really subtle so I’m not sure if it’ll show or not. It doesn’t so far. Maybe it will once I’ve done some more.

I had a couple of nice parcels this morning. I had some fabric come from Sew and So to allow me to finish kitting up Ice-Cream Sundae and The Library, charts by Cottage Country Needleworks and Little House Needleworks. I also had a kit arrive which I spotted the other day and had to have. This is it – I’ve removed it from the packaging, the better to appreciate the pretty colours.

I haven’t done a Dimensions kit before but the instructions and chart inside look very clear indeed. I’m not keen on the thread sorter. I’ll need to do something about that as it’s a tangle waiting to happen but isn’t that a gorgeous design.

I’m getting a bit worried that my waiting list for projects are all either to do with books, coffee (a lot of those) or yummy food (pie, ice-cream etc). What does that say about me?



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4 thoughts on “A stitchy update

  1. Thanks 🙂
    I probably won’t start The Library until I’ve finished The Bookshelf. I’m eyeing up Pie Menu at the moment as the colours are so pretty, but Frappuccino is looking a likely contender for my next start too.
    Or, I might just crack on and finish The Bookshelf before starting anything else…


  2. The Bookshelf is looking smashing, I’m looking forward to seeing what authors you’ve inserted. When are you starting The Library? I only have a bit of it stitched and need to pay it some attention. I’ll be able to once I’ve finished my birdie quilt top…I’m ready for a bit of cross stitch after a marathon sewing machine experience this week, lol!


  3. I love the bookshelf design – combining two of my great loves – stitching and reading!
    I’m also stitching my snowflake bookmark on navy aida in variegated thread. I love the colour you’ve chosen – very pretty. 🙂 Like you, I like to use a frame, so I usually start with more fabric than I’ll need, but then all the scraps come in handy for stitching cards and ATCs later. 😉
    The colours on WHole Lotta Latte are so stunning -can’t wait to see you stitch that one!
    Happy stitching!
    Kell @ Kincavel Krosses


  4. Love teh latte! I always have to disassemble the thread sorters that come with kits & wrap the thread around my cards.Otherwise it just all knots up


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